My first foray into experiencing Indian food was on a holiday in Thailand in 2003 where our good friend Iza introduced us to the different kinds of curry (red, yellow, green), the delicious nan (Indian flat bread usually served with curry) and the equally refreshing yogurt-based drink whose name I regretfully forget now (pagpasensyahan na ang naka-tatlong C-section!). 🙂

Since then, my “curry” encounters have been limited to the times when we would cook our “Flipinized” chicken curry at home in Manila or later, when I tagged-along with my classmates when they craved Indian food while I was studying in the UK for a short course in 2004.

Perhaps, it was the presentation of the curries that kinda’ put me off eating it for quite a while (they all look the same – save for the color of the sauce!) or the fact that neither Keith nor myself couldn’t bring ourselves to eat curry more than once in a month!  There’s something about the richness of the sauce that satiates your tastebuds and makes your tummy go squeamish if you have it once too often. 😀

Here in the Kingdom, probably due to the great number of Indian and Pakistani migrants, there seems to be quite a proliferation of Indian restaurants.  It took a while before Keith and I had the nerve to try them out (medyo di kasi appealing ang ambience e!)  😦 as there were admittedly other cuisines which we would much rather taste first.

Finally, two weeks ago, Keith brought me to this Indian restaurant (about a few notches higher than our local “carinderias” in terms of ambience) near our house.  At first, I was skeptic because of how the place looked but when I tasted what they served (we ordered two kinds of chicken curry – Black Pepper Chicken for Keith and Chicken Nandi for me), I became a fan!

The red-sweetish yet mildly hot flavor of my dish blended well with the delicious nan they served.  Keith’s order, though a bit spicier than mine, and with a darker brown sauce, was equally delectable. Though I must’ve drank gallons and gallons of water to put off the “heat”, it was a gastronomic adventure nonetheless!

In fact, I requested Keith to take out our dinner from the same resto again last night – yum-o! This time, he ordered two kinds of curry (chicken-based again, of course), one done the Indian way (what they term “karahi” in this part of the world) and the other done the Pakistani way.  Though they looked perfectly the same in their reddish-orange sauce, it was surprising that they tasted differently.  The Indian one was spicier while the Pakistani one was again “sweetishly” hot. I must’ve looked like I was enjoying myself a lot as Keith even joked that I better make sure that I put on “Secret” after consuming all that curry  – baka daw kasi lumabas na sa pores ko yung mga spices! 😛 What can I say? My hubby is “grossingly sweet”! Hahaha! 😀

Anyway, the “secret” is out and I can say that it has all been totally “Curry-fic”! 😉



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  1. Dondi and I love spicy food, which is probably why we have an appreciation of Indian food. Hahaha! It’s true what they say, you can’t say you don’t like a certain food when you haven’t tasted it. The “life-partner” of one of our wedding ninangs owns several Indian restaurants in the Phil. And true enough, we liked the food! 🙂

    Is this Kashmir or Bollywood? Better give us the name naman para may bago naman kaming ma-try sa Pilipinas when we go on home leave. Alam mo naman, favorite “hobby” namin ni Keith ang “food tasting”! Hahaha! 😀


  2. Posted by chinois97 on 30 September 2007 at 10:14 am

    Hon, I’m pretty sure you love Indian food. Eating the left-over curry and nan the following day is more than enough to prove it! I must warn you though that it will take a while before you convince me to eat that food again… my stomach has been acting up like crazy since we had those very spicy meals… I’m sure you know what I mean.

    Anyway, you should thank Ton for introducing that carinderia to us.

    I’m sure you’ll take to Indian food soon enough 🙂 Remember how you didn’t like sushi and sashimi before pero now you do? It’s just a matter of time… acquired taste lang siguro yan! Hahaha! 😀 And yes, thank you, Ton, for introducing us to a new eating experience!


  3. Pinks, it’s Kashmir! 😉 Yum! You still have yet to try Spiral. Nandun na lahat! Mwa-ha-ha-ha! (that’s evil laughter for you!)

    I’ll make a mental note of that… better make sure I try all your yummy recommendations! 😀


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