This post is long overdue yet I couldn’t just let it slip through my “blogging” cracks, so to speak, as it definitely is an important milestone for Keith and I.  Yup, it’s been seventeen years since we officially became a couple – ain’t life grand?  😀 I have to agree- time indeed flies when you’re having fun! 

Before you think that we tied the knot at 17, let me just clarify that what we celebrated was actually our “boyfriend-girlfriend” anniversary last 21 Sep (yes, I declared “Martial Law” on him and he willingly suspended his “writ of habeas corpus” to me – sweet ‘no? Hahaha!). 🙂 We actually got the “itch to get hitched” at the crucial 7th year – hence, come December, we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. 

Then and now, I will be bold enough to say that our relationship is still marked by essentially the same “ingredients” that add flavor and spice to our marriage: lots of laughter, good food (obvious ba?), a passion for seeing the world and what it has to offer and a rock-solid friendship.   

Through the years, important stuff like faith in God and in one another, patience (loads of it – especially when our three “buns” popped into the world!), love, respect and understanding have also been cultivated and thrown in for good measure. 

We are often teased by our other friends that we seem to be like an “old married couple” already since our relationship has always been steady and devoid of the “thrill and excitement” that characterize theirs.  I take this as a compliment, though, as it proves how blessed we are to “have gotten it right the first time”.  Keith was my 1st and only boyfriend and I was also his (or so he claims!) 😉 

Hon, as I look back on all our wonderful years together, I also look forward to the fact that I will be spending many more years building memories with you.  I love you! Happy 17th year anniversary! 🙂


So how did we celebrate our 17th year together? We ate out, of course! What were you guys thinking??? 


Keith chose this quaint little Italian resto, La Gondola, in Khobar whose ambience is a cut above the rest (in Saudi standards, I mean…).  The food was also good (though admittedly we both had better) and the dessert even yummier.  I think what made the night more special is that we were at least able to go out on a date by ourselves and just enjoy each other’s company sans the kids – again, we have the Magallaneses to thank for agreeing to babysit for us! 🙂

21092007068.jpg     21092007069.jpg  21092007070.jpg

For starters, we had mixed olives and ciabatta with a choice of olive oil or marinara dip.  This was followed by Chicken Caesar’s Salad which we also shared.  For the entrees, Keith had something like chicken cordon bleu (sorry, I forgot what the dish was called exactly) while I ordered grilled salmon in white sauce with penne arrabiata on the side (this, thankfully, didn’t disappoint!).  We washed this down with a fresh peach smoothie for me and some form of non-alcoholic cocktail (again, I forget!) for Keith.  Lastly, dessert was a the rich tricolore, a round three-layered mini-cake with cream, mousse and chocolate cake – definitely the highlight of my meal!


Pardon the picture quality of the attached snaps as these were taken using a phone camera under very dim lighting… Also, the dessert was so good we literally wiped it out before realizing we hadn’t taken a photo of it yet (oh well..).  Anyway, enjoy! 😀


5 responses to this post.

  1. congratulations to you and keith! 😀 kami magfo-fourteen years pa lang. hahaha. 😉 apir tayo…dondi and i were also each other’s first “official” boyfriend and girlfriend. nyahaha!

    may you and keith have many more blissful years ahead! 😀

    Thanks, Weng! 🙂 Think we should set-up the “One & Only” club soon – for all couples like us who have been blessed enough to meet “The One” the first time around – hahaha! 😉 Take care!


  2. Posted by chinois97 on 3 October 2007 at 9:40 am

    Hon, I must say that the 17 years just passed by so quickly. It just seemed like yesterday when Rina and Pippo would chaperone us to the movies and our other dinner dates. Now, our children are almost in that stage – scary!

    Those were truly 17 happy years for me and I look forward to spending many, many more blissful years with you.

    It would be nice, though, if we had a permanent nanny who could watch our kids so we can go out on dates. Well, wishful thinking lang… you know naman our life here in KSA… hay… Anyway, count our blessings… it’s good we have the Megas to help us out once in a while with the baby sitting. Thanks Ge and Rinel, if you ever you get to read this.

    Weng, congrats din to you and Dondi.

    I so agree with the nanny idea – kahit nga di stay-in at daycare type lang, pwede na! 🙂 Who knows? God has always been faithful and has pretty much granted us our heart’s desires so might as well just enjoy the “ride” and be open for more of His surprises! Love you! 😉


  3. happy anniversary!! indeed, you guys are truly blessed to have gotten it right at the first “try”. 🙂 may you have many many more years of love, adventure, friendship, and happiness ahead of you! 🙂

    Thanks for the good wishes, Meeya! 😀 Looking forward to more interesting posts from you soon… 😉


  4. Posted by sardonicnell on 5 October 2007 at 3:22 am

    congratulations pinky! that is such a milestone — 17 years. wow! i wish for the time to come that i get to meet my partner in life as well. pero mukhang malas ako sa pag-ibig eh. heheheh! bilis nga naman talaga ng panahon ano. you have such lovely kids. and im sure you have a loving husband. well wishes to you all!

    Thank you, Nell! 🙂 So nice of you to visit my site… Di ka naman siguro malas sa pag-ibig, di pa lang talaga dumadating yung nakalaan para sa ‘yo, right? 😉 Oo nga, cute yung kids pero minsan, pag sobra silang kulit, parang nagtra-transform sila sa mga “cute-ong lupa” na sarap pagtitirisin! Hahaha! Hay naku, sabi nga nila, parenting, like all other things in life, is always a mixed bag. Catch you again soon!


  5. great post. especially the first part about the anniversary with the funny text. you write really well.


    Maraming salamat! Coming from the 2007 Best OFW Blog winner *applause* 😉 , it is such an honor… 😀 Thanks for dropping by!


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