Bahrain Rediscovered

Spending nine days in the kingdom for the end-of-Ramadan holidays proved a bit too much for us so we decided that we should plan for a quick R&R someplace else.  The logical choice? Bahrain, of course! 🙂

Since the kingdom of Bahrain is only a 1 1/2 drive from our place and it being an “open city” (translation: no abayas, eat-all-you-can lechon kawali and binagoongang baboy, movies galore OR simply put: “life as we know it”! 😀 ), we hied-off to this neighboring kingdom for a quick 3 day-2 night get-away.  Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without our fave cousins, the Megas, traveling with us. 😉 We were also joined by Keith’s “uber-showbiz” pal from NCB Riyadh, Raffy Clemente (believe me, meeting Raffy is the closest I may ever get to “rubbing elbows” with Philippine showbiz denizens – hahaha! He is sooo “well-connected” and super-“in” on the latest “showbiz chika” that he kept us entertained for the most part of the trip… ).

Apart from the usual stops in Bahrain (i.e., the Seef Mall and Swan Lake), we all agreed that we should try and explore areas in this kingdom that we have never been to before.  We sure were glad we took this step as this brought us to the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site of Dilmun, where we saw Bahrain’s ancient capital and the ruins of its old city. If only for this stop, our most recent Bahrain visit was truly worth our while.

dsc05176.jpg  dsc05183.jpg

On the down side, we also checked out the much-hyped ancient burial mounds, which, incidentally, were quite disappointing, as they actually reminded us of construction debris more than anything else… 😦 Note that the Moslems bury their dead in unmarked graves in accordance with their religious customs.


We also drove off to see the “Lost Paradise” water oasis (water park) but were also disappointed to find out that it actually hasn’t been finished yet and is still under construction.  Well, at least, this is another thing to look forward to for our future visits.

Next stop was the Bahrain International F1 Circuit, which we visited again to show Ge, Ira and Raffy – who were going there for the first time.  While there, we were pleased to hear (since we weren’t of course allowed to go beyond the stadium gates – too bad!) the revving of race cars in preparation for the upcoming “Australian Challenge” to be held in Bahrain from 01-03 Nov 07.  Keith and I made a mental note to see at least one F1 race before we leave the Middle East…whenever that is!


Pardon the poor picture quality of this shot – our old reliable Sony digicam seems to be getting more and more “tired” these days!

No holiday in Bahrain would be complete without also exploring “uncharted gastronomic delights”.  For our first dinner together, we tried the Portuguese “peri-peri” (apparently a method of barbecueing in Portugal) resto, Nando’s.  Alas, despite the tastefully done ambience, we had a “peri-peri” (very, very) ordinary eating experience which left much to be desired – bland-tasting espetadas, soggy fries and food orders which they initially got wrong and which arrived more than an hour later… 😦 Definitely not recommended.


A more exciting discovery was Marble Slab Creamery which offered to-die-for ice cream and yogurt concoctions.  Their selling point is actually mixing the ice cream or yogurt and the fresh ingredients (i.e., marshmallows, nuts, chocolate chips – name it, they have it!) with a spatula on a marble slab only as you order it.  I’ve never tasted a more creamy Rocky Road while Keith was equally happy with his candy-sprinkled caramel ice cream. Yum-o!

                                       marble-slab-logo.jpg    marble-slab-ice-cream.jpg

On our last night, I was able to coerce convince my dear hubby to return to our fave Japanese resto in Bahrain, the Gulf Hotel’s “Sato”.  Though we had to settle for a regular table at the central dining area on this visit, good food, great service and even greater company (nothing beats a good ol’ family meal – without me cooking! Hehehe!) more than made up for not dining at the more spacious tatami room. 


This wraps up the highlights of our recent Bahrain holiday.  I definitely look forward to “re-discovering” more places of interest in Bahrain yet again… till the next visit – will definitely keep you posted! 😉

PS For more pictures, check our related Multiply site here.


4 responses to this post.

  1. hi pinks! i’m glad to hear you had several abaya free days! 😀 i will protest, i thought we were your favorite cousins! hahaha! joke! 😛 i like discovering new places as well…more photo ops and more blog worthy stories. hehehe! may you have many more places of interest to discover! 😀

    Oops, did I forget to place the phrase “in the Middle East” next to our fave cousins? Alam niyo naman na pag sa North America ang pag-uusapan, kayo talaga ni Donds ang fave cousins namin! 😀 Sana nga marami pa kaming makita dito sa ME while we are here…


  2. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 20 October 2007 at 9:07 am

    Hon, our vacation was really a blast! Seeing Dilmun was really more than enough to make our trip to Bahrain worth it. Of course, spending more time with you and the kids even made it much, much better. 🙂

    Talaga ha? Ba’t parang gigil na gigil ka na kay Marga when we ate at Sato? 😉 Sabagay, ganyan ka naman matuwa paminsan – nanggigigil!!! Hahaha! 🙂 Kidding aside, I live for times like these too! More to come sana (*hint, hint!*)…


  3. Posted by sardonicnell on 22 October 2007 at 6:06 am

    wow, sarap ng vacation nyo hah. and now that you mentioned japanese food, makes me want to call in an order. hahaha! i didn’t know that bahrain is an open city like dubai, another destination for me if i decide to visit the middle eastern countries. glad you guys had a blast! the kids seems to enjoy the ice cream a lot 😉

    Ay naku, super “deprived” kasi kami sa authentic Japanese food dito sa KSA e kaya binge-to-death tuloy kami when we have the chance – takaw talaga! Hahaha!

    Yup, surprisingly, marami din palang places to see here in the Middle East – never expected it to be so myself until we actually settled here. I also look forward to visiting Egypt, Dubai and Petra in Jordan soon (budget-permitting, of course! 😉 ). Take care, Nell!


  4. Posted by sardonicnell on 22 October 2007 at 6:06 am

    what a lovely site, one big happy family :mrgreen:

    Thanks! With the rate your “love life” is going now, am pretty sure you’d be having this happy family too sooner than you expect – hahaha! 😀


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