Let Me Count the Ways

I always look forward to Thursday mornings.  This is when I could sleep a little bit longer and not have to worry about cooking breakfast or lunch immediately as I know my loving hubby would be there to cover for me.  For those of  you who may not know, Thursdays and Fridays are the weekends here in most of the Gulf countries (unlike what most of us are used to) – hence, I guess it’s TGIW for me while we are based here! 😆

Anyway, after waking up from my looong slumber, I was pleasantly surprised to find this on the dining table…


Yup, what greater way to start the day than with lomi and puto! Another “yum-o” moment, definitely! 😉 

Apparently, hubby thought of buying this for me earlier in the morning when he accompanied Bro Cuz Rinel to the roving Phil Embassy headquarters in one of the hotels in the neighboring town of Al Khobar. Bro Cuz needed to have his passport renewed while hubby needed to inquire about certain procedures in securing documents from the Philippines thru the embassy here.  Since having the roving embassy here is only a monthly event, some enterprising kabayans were allowed to sell home-made food outside the hotel function room – to the delight of a lot of “Pinoy-food-starved” fellow kabayans like us! Syempre, Keith took advantage na and bought arroz caldo (which he craves), lomi and puto for us – having remembered how I mentioned to him several times before how I missed eating these comfort foods from back home. Sweet talaga ng asawa ko ‘no? 😉 Hahaha! 😀

It’s amazing how the simplest of gestures can bring so much joy.  Truly, dear hubby’s thoughtfulness earned him bonus “pogi points” from me that day. 

As the much-exploited phrases from Robert Browning’s poem (“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” ) come to mind, I must say, included among my personal favorite replies would be a steaming bowl of lomi and puto for brunch on a lazy Thursday morning, served “with love” by my “one and only honey”, Keith. 🙂 

Hon, salamat sa iyong pag-aalala. Labis akong “lomi”-gaya sa inihain mong agahan, as in it really “puto”-n a smile to my face! 😆 Love you lots! Mwah!




5 responses to this post.

  1. ow pinky! napaka-romantic naman ni keith. eka nga nila, it’s this little gestures of love that makes life so darn good! inggit ako, gusto ko rin ng lomi. makadaan nga mamaya sa manila sunset (turo turo resto), it would be perfect sa mga gabing malamig. hahahah!

    have a wonderful week end 😉

    Ikaw naman, Nell, with the rate your love life is going now, am sure super konti na lang ang gabing malamig mo, right? 😉 Hahaha! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend too! So nice to have you come and visit my site 🙂


  2. how sweet!!! i’m sure the lomi warmed the tummy as it warmed the heart. 🙂

    My sentiments, exactly. 😛


  3. how sweet of keith! i bet mas masarap ang lomi kung me kasamang bling bling! hahaha!

    i want puto!! like now!! 😦

    Kaya nga e…dahan-dahan pa naman ang pag-nguya ko ng lomi at puto…baka kasi may iniwang extra “surprise” (as in bling bling nga – hahaha!) si Keith pero unfortunately, mukhang pinaninindigan talaga niya ang stand niya na ang only re-sizing na gagawin sa aking bling-bling e kung papaliitin ito…waaahh! 😦

    Bake ka na lang kaya ng puto…am sure kayang-kaya ng powers mo yan! I remember kasi si Mama nagbe-bake ng puto for us before e. 😉


  4. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 28 October 2007 at 11:34 am

    Hon, wow touched naman ako… no wonder you were asking if I read your blog already.

    Weng, dali paligayahin ng asawa ko no? Huwag mo na siyang turuan ng mga bling-bling. Lomi-lomi na lang 🙂

    Was I that obvious? Hahaha! 😀 You know me so well…

    As for pagpapaligaya, iba-ibang levels yan… nasasaiyo kung gusto mong itaas ang bar! Gotcha!


  5. hi pinky! indeed, it sure is refreshing to see another blogger from the middle east! naaliw ako sa bahrain eid holiday story mo. sa mga saudi tourists like you talaga kumikita ang bahrain. SATO, that japanese resto is our fave resto. hindi puedeng hindi kame kakain dun pag nasa bahrain ako. yaiks, wala talagang kuenta yung burial mounds, parang normal na buhangin jan sa tabi, haha. but surely, you must have enjoyed your visit. sayang, had i known before hand, i would have given you tips and would have even toured you around since nasa house lang naman kame during Eid.

    mas na-a-appreciate ko yung mga small gestures like this. how thoughtful naman of hubby! 🙂

    Hi Grace! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Sayang talaga, am sure valuable pa naman yung tips mo… Hope you’re adjusting well to your new home in the UAE. Balik ka ulit ha? Take care! 😉


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