And then there were crabs…

Growing up, our family wasn’t really big on seafood, save perhaps for the occasional sinigang na hipon, daing na bangus or the piniritong hasa-hasa or galunggong. To make matters worse, Keith’s family was also the same way so this perhaps explains why it took some time before we actually became “adventurous” enough to test the uncharted waters of seafood eating. 

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when, during grocery shopping yesterday, dear hubby suddenly requested that I cook some crabs at home! Me oh my! Na-tense ako, admittedly! :mrgreen:  For the life of me, I couldn’t even tell the difference between an alimango and an alimasag, let alone cook some! 😆


However, since blue crabs are plentiful and relatively inexpensive in this part of the world, I gamely took on the “crab challenge”.  Bahala na si Batman, ‘ika nga – hahaha! After all, I’m willing to try anything (except the really “exotic” delights like crickets, camel meat or cow brains) once. 

So whatever came out of my first foray into crab cooking? Let these pictures tell you the story of how my “Ginataang Alimasag” turned out.  Suffice it to say that it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined it to be and best of all, it tasted pretty good! 😉



These babies are ready for their (coconut) milk bath… 😀  


The finished product: 


Ready for the final close-up! 😉 



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  1. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 1 December 2007 at 12:44 pm

    Oh my! I take back what I said earlier… those crabs look so yummy… even if I have to eat them for lunch in my office attire (i.e. long sleeve shirt).

    I assume that since dalawa lang ang ni-luto mong crabs eh wala kang kakainin. Akin ata yun pareho. May delata naman tayo no.. for you and the boys 🙂

    Growl… ooops! that’s my stomach making its comment.

    For “Kodak Moments”-purposes lang yan! 🙂 Siyempre, I prepared enough for all of us… alangan naman ikaw lang ang mag-enjoy! 😀

    Kaon ta ka!


  2. Alimasag sa pinas parang talangka lang compare sa alimasag dito eh no? Pag nagluluto ako nyan hinahati ko sa 2 yung crab para pasok sa loob yung lasa ng gata, then konting sili….kakagutom.

    Am sure masarap din yung version mo – ikaw pa, e caterer ka kaya! 🙂 Tried to split the crab into two like you said pero ang tigas ng shell kaya di ko mahati! How do you do it ba? Tips naman…hahaha! 😉 I’ll try putting sili the next time – mukhang masarap.


  3. Pinks, sobrang opposite ang families natin. I grew up to Sunday seafood feastings! Kasi nga diba para di masayang ang freshness ng seafood. So pagkabili sa palengke, kain agad. Simple lang naman…steamed most of the time! 😀

    Those crabs look gorgeous. That’s domestic divaness at it’s finest. 😉

    Coming from a certified seafood lover and “chef par excellance”, your comment is well appreciated! Thanks very much! 😆 Hopefully, this will mark the start of us learning to love our seafood a wee bit more… 😉


  4. i only started appreciating crabs when a friend of ours took me to obrycki’s in baltimore. grabee, sarap. since then crabs fan na ako. 🙂 before that, tamad kasi ako maghimay so i passed on the crabs.

    now i wouldn’t mind making himay your ginataang crabs. they look positively yummy! share mo naman recipe? 😀

    Late bloomer din kami ni Keith sa pag-enjoy ng crabs coz, like you, we found it too much of a hassle to eat it. Pag nagawi ka sa Alabang pag-uwi mo, better try the Crabs Maritess served in Hula-Hula resto in Westgate – they are absolutely to-die-for! Yum!

    As for the recipe, here it goes:

    Ginataang Alimasag

    4 large alimango or 6 medium alimasag
    3 cups thick coconut milk (I used the instant store-bought gata)
    1 cup water
    1 onion, minced
    1 clove garlic, pounded
    a bundle of mustard leaves (since this was unavailable, I used pechay leaves instead)
    3 slices ginger
    2 pieces chili pecante (the pang-sinigang green peppers – failed to put these)
    salt and pepper to taste

    Clean the crabs, season with salt and cut crosswise in two. Boil in coconut milk with garlic, onion, sliced ginger and seasonings. As soon as crabs are cooked, add water and mustard leaves. Simmer for 5 minutes more. Remove from fire. Serve hot.

    Happy cooking! 😎


  5. Posted by sardonicnell on 3 December 2007 at 10:28 pm

    ang sarap naman, pinky! penge ako nyan… and di ka nag iisa sister, di ko rin alam difference ng alimasag sa alimango. ang alam ko lang eh kainin sila, hahahaha! this reminds of my dad, he loves crabs kasi eh and cooking it in gata. i remember him cooking this for us before, with lots of chillies, basil, lemon grass, cilantro and aligi. i swear malapit ng tumulo ang laway ko. hehehe, kadiri ako noh? bwahahaha :mrgreen:

    Okay lang yan, Nell… just make sure your “DNA” doesn’t drip onto your pc – hahaha! 😛 Am sure mas masarap yung version ng dad mo since ang daming spices! Medyo kulang nga lang sa aligi yung nabili kong crabs…di kasi ako marunong tumingin kung alin ang bakla, since they say these are the ones who have the most fat and are the tastiest, o di ba? 😉


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