Taste and See

As this may very well be my last blog for the month and the year (since we are flying out to good ol’ Manila tomorrow – yahoo!) 😛 and in keeping with the merriment of the season, I wanted my final (?) post to be as light as possible.  Hmmm…what to write, what to write…. ❓

Aha! I think I have it… Read on…

If this dish were served to you, what would you think it was?


Well, that’s just what I did yesterday.  These were the replies I got from my three (Keith included) very blunt and heartless honest boys with ever-discriminating tastes:

Keith: “Ano yan, tokwa?”

Luigi: “Ma, is that bread pudding?”

Rafa (no comment) – Na-speechless ata! 😀

Keith (again): “Parang puto”

Wrong, wrong and wrong again! What is the matter with you guys??? Can’t you even recognize an albino leche flan when you see one? 😎

Yup, with utmost pardon to the Cuencas (whose traditional leche flan recipe I unwittingly “murdered” – sorry Weng!), this was my first try at making this much-loved Pinoy dessert.  I must say I even surprised myself! How could something so seemingly simple turn out looking so bad? 😦

First off, I completely forgot to make the caramel topping (duh!) – which explains why my flan was as dry as the Arabian desert!  Next, although the recipe specifically said to “avoid bubbles” (which I thought I did – even skimming off the little bubbles on top of the flan mixture before steaming it), the texture of my finished product ended up looking like Swiss cheese more than anything else. 😆 What’s more, after cutting the flan, I found out bubbles galore – guess only bubble wrap had more bubbles than my leche flan!

There’s a redeeming factor to this kitchen misadventure, though… I’m happy to say, despite its sorry looks, my flan tasted great! In fact, the boys literally cleared the whole thing off the serving plate – as in, ubos lahat in one sitting! Buti na lang… at least this tale’s got a happy ending naman pala. Hehehe! 😉

Lesson learned (to paraphrase the “great” Melanie Marquez): “Don’t judge my brother flan, because he it is not a book”.  In other words, to taste it is to believe it (or something like that!).

Enjoy the holidays, everyone! 😛 Till my next kitchen (mis)adventure!


7 responses to this post.

  1. congratulations, pinky! 😀 naisip ko agad, “is that leche flan?” i thought it wasn’t kasi nga wala yung caramel on top so i thought it was something else. tama pala ako! hee hee!

    uy, the recipe i gave you is from my aunt who lives in california. and it’s her personal recipe…not the ultra secret leche flan recipe that “the santoses” (not the cuencas!) guard with their (our!) lives. hahaha!

    have a grand time at home! our love and best regards to everybody! 😀

    At least recognizable naman pala siya na leche flan kahit pano… Will be leaving na in a while so gotta end this comment na at minamadali na ako ni Keith.. Bye!


  2. uy, ako i guessed leche flan ha! kasi that’s exactly how my very first leche flan looked like, bubbles and all, hehe.

    what’s important naman is that it tastes great! 😀

    have a safe and happy trip to manila! *muah*

    Di bale, I’ll try it again na lang (baka next year! :D) and hopefully it’ll come out looking better na…

    Many thanks for your well wishes! A big hug too to Ninna and all the best to your dear hubby.


  3. cooking all comes to down to taste. dba? tingnan mo, naubos ang flan mo. your family loves it! happy trip to you guys, enjoy the holidays in manila. mwaaah 😀

    You are too kind, Nell… 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes! Take care and all the best to you and yours for the holidays!


  4. yo ses, i thought it was a loaf of bread smeared with peanut butter all over. take it from someone who knows nothing about cooking either! don’t feel so bad though, ma guessed it right and knew it was a leche flan…sans the syrup. :p

    looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. wait for the “dyipni” that will be picking you up ‘coz the entire barangay is coming! 😉

    Peanut butter na white? Now, that’s something I have yet to see! 😀 You bet you’re hopeless in the kitchen! 😛

    As for Mang Jess’ dyip, paki-back-up-an na rin sana ng Doc Dollie’s ambulance dahil may sakit na naman yung dalawa ko dito (Luigi and Marga) – waaahh!!! 😦 See ya later, gater!


  5. Hello Pinky! Kelan balik nyo?

    Hi Ann! Sorry got to reply to your message only now – just realized WP tagged it as spam kasi (I honestly don’t know why!) so buti na lang I checked all my comments at na de-spam kita… Anyway, got back on the 17th lang, a week later than planned – mahabang istorya! 😉 If you’d like a blow-by-blow account, check out Keith’s site na lang, “Leap of Faith” (it’s in my Fave Lurk Spots).

    Nice to hear from you again. Happy new year! 😀


  6. hi! i was surfing the net, and came across your blog. i think there were some eggwhites in your mix which caused the bubbles.

    anyway, what is important is the taste!

    Thanks for taking time to actually post a comment 🙂 Yup, the recipe called for 3 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks only so I guess this may have caused the bubbles as you said… Got a “bubble-free” recipe? Share naman! 😉


  7. […] 2009 · No Comments Remember last month’s albino leche flan? Or my utterly disastrous first leche flan try  of […]


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