Fat Tuesday

Just wanted to share this with you to end my posts for the month on a yummy (and decidedly more positive)note.  😆

Also, I didn’t want my monthly entry count to conclude at such an unlucky number as “13” – especially since this month has not exactly been my favorite (with all its “sickness episodes ” and with the weather turning from comfortably cool to “typically desert” again)… Better keep all my bases covered to ward off all negativity.  Right, Weng? 😉

I read somewhere that people celebrated “Fat Tuesday” in olden times to ensure that they were able to use up all their “lent-prohibited” kitchen supplies before actual fasting started on Holy Wednesday.  Suffice it to say that we were (unknowingly) sold on the idea when we, together with other kingdom-based friends, had our very own Fat Tuesday dinner here in the “land of the sand”- at our newest delish find of a resto, the global restaurant-cafe, Casper and Gambini’s.

We first sampled C&G’s fare on a pre-Valentine’s date and have been hooked ever since.  The ambience is very cozy and classy in an understated manner, the service – friendly and efficient, and of course, the food – oh-so-generous portions and positively to-die-for taste!  Call me an April Fool but I wouldn’t mind doing a repeat of our Fat Tuesday fiasco really, really soon! 😉

For starters: Delish bread basket with yummy spread “on the house” 😉
I tried their Organic Green Iced Tea while Keith opted for the
Pear Iced Tea – both didn’t disappoint, thankfully! 🙂
Since their portions are quite sizeable, the boys just split one order
of Mac-and-Cheese – this is what’s left of it!

Rafa, our very own “mac-and-cheese grinch”: Bawal humingi! Grrrr…


Believe me, underneath all that garnish and sides is a yummy grilled salmon fillet! 😀


The only down side to the whole meal was this (Keith’s order): Chicken Teriyaki which turned out too spicy for his taste! 😦


Everybody happy! (*Burp!*) :mrgreen:


By special request, here’s a sample snap of Marga with one of her oh-so-many “Arab-mirers”, Eli, the Lebanese head waiter who “bribed” her with a shiny, red balloon 😛


5 responses to this post.

  1. I love this resto… sayang sana next time we could get better pictures to give more justice naman to them. By the way, you forgot to include Marga’s “friend”.

    I think we need to get a “better camera” so that we could get better pictures – hahaha! 😛

    As requested, I already included Marga and her “friend”… ngayon ni-re-request mo pa yan ha… let’s just see if you’ll still sing the same tune when she’s a teenager! Gusto mo pa kaya i-publish yung “couple photos” niya? 😉 I seriously doubt it!


  2. Posted by sardonicnell on 31 March 2008 at 9:52 pm

    sarap naman nyan! and on top of that eh, mukhang ang saya saya ng gathering nyo. fat tuesday ba kamo? ako kaya eh fat everyday of the week. hahahah 😉

    ps: ihingi mo naman ako ng number ni eli, baka pwede kaming txt mates. bwahaha 😛

    Di bale, Nell, they say extra weight is a sign of prosperity naman daw, diba? 😆 As for Eli’s number, subukan kong hingin the next time we are there…who knows? Baka an LDL (long-distance love affair) is just what you need! Bwahaha uli! :mrggreen: Pero baka magselos si “camper guy”… whaddyathink?? 😉


  3. uuuuy, i love the “Arab-mirer” shot! just make sure sa red balloon nga talaga na-attract, at hindi sa bushy eyebrows or “atsaka”. 😉

    In fairness, ha, may itsura naman sa personal ang particular na “Arab-mirer” na ito! 🙂 Among the Arabs kasi, the Lebanese are usually the more good-looking ones, probably because of the French influence – I’m sure you’d agree! 😉


  4. ang saya naman! the only times we eat out na hindi lang kaming tatlo e pag me bisita. pathetic ‘no? walang friends. hahaha! actually meron, pero hindi mahilig kumain sa labas. 😛

    abby also loves mac and cheese. pero lately, hindi ko na masyado pinapaorder sa kaniya yun kasi nga hindi healthy. 😀 minsan hinahayaan ko na lang din para wala ng arguments. 🙂

    si marga ha, waiter killer! nyahahaha! 😀

    Ay naku, Weng, given kasi the limited forms of entertainment here, eating out with friends has become our “outlet” na lang so that we could unwind naman…

    As for the mac-and-cheese, I have learned to just let them be (especially when we are out) so that I could also enjoy naman and not stress out for a change – I’m sure you know what I mean. 😉

    At yung mga “Arab”-mirers, di lang waiters, pati shopkeepers, barista, even complete strangers – promise! Minsan nga, nag-freak-out na ako dahil yung ibang babae di na makatiis at biglang kakargahin at hahalikan pa si Marga e takot na takot pa naman ako sa mga sakit – waaahh! Ewan ko ba – simply irresistible talaga itong bunso namin e! Hahaha! 😆


  5. like nell, ako rin fat everyday hahah! naglaway ako sa grilled salmon. imagine me peeling of garnish after garnish towards all that omega 3… yum! 😀

    sarap to pig out, eheste, eat out with friends no? i miss that talaga.

    Yes, all that Omega-3 goodness makes me come back to it again and again – ika nga, sarap na babalik-balikan! 😉 Hope we do get to meet up somewhere sometime para we could also pig out together… Take care!


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