Nihon-GO! (or why we absolutely adore Japanese food)

As I’ve mentioned time and again (and again…and again!) in my previous blogs, owing to the dire absence lack of authentic Japanese restaurants where we are in the world, we are constantly on the “hunt” for good quality, great tasting and affordable Japanese food whenever we have the chance to get out of our little kingdom.

In fact, during our last home leave, we managed to snag a few “Land of the Rising Sun” treats from our local Asian store to “tide us over” until the next major Japanese food craving hits us.  Putting these all together, I managed to come up with a relatively quick and yummy Nihon fix for dinner a few nights ago. 

What do you get when you put together (clockwise from top left) soba sauce, wasabe (horseradish) paste, cha (green tea) soba noodles and dried seaweed flakes?

 Why, a “Soba-licious” treat, of course! Yum! 😀 Even my usually aloof “kimono kumares” will agree! 😉

Good thing we didn’t have to wait too long for our next Japanese foodie adventure.  With our “Soba-licious” treat still fresh in our minds, we were truly delighted to discover yet another delish Japanese restaurant when we visited Bahrain a few days ago for the end-of-Eid holidays. I have to agree with hubby that this was “the highlight” of our visit. 🙂

Introducing…. SUMO! Sushi, sashimi, bento, katsudon, tendon and uramakis galore – name it, they have it!!! 😎 This place is truly every Jap-food-lover’s paradise.  What’s more, price-wise, it’s more reasonable than our other Jap food “haven” in Bahrain, Gulf Hotel’s Sato.

Needless to say, all of us definitely (over)indulged our Jap food fantasies during the two times we visited the resto.  Why not let the pics speak for themselves, right? 😉  And just so you know, the following were taken during our second visit only as I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera the first time around due to my, er, excitement… 😛

Since we still felt quite full from two days’ worth of “oinkish abandon”, we decided to just have a light meal this time.  What better way to start off than with a steaming bowl of miso soup?

This was the “main event” for me – California Maki smothered with generous tobiko (fish roe)! Definitely to-die-for!!!  They call it “Super California” and it certainly lived up to its name…

Luis claims “victory” with his Crunchy California (California roll covered in crunchy tempura).  Tagalog translation: Panalo!

While Rafa prepares to “demolish” his Crunchy Cals too… 🙂

Finally, our “discriminating diva-lette” still deciding whether her Papa’s Kamikaze (spicy tuna roll with avocado covered in crunchy tempura) is really worth all that hype – hahaha! 😆

Here’s to tasting more yummy Nihongo delights soon! 🙂

Till then, sayonara tomodachis! :mrgreen:


5 responses to this post.

  1. Naalala ko tuloy si Tin-tin noong minsang nakitikim sa wasabe na kinakain ni kd, deretso sya sa sink..hehehe.

    I could imagine! Medyo nakakabigla kasi yung anghang niya the first time you try it, di ba? But after a while, sumasarap na din… “acquired taste” kumbaga…hehehe 😉


  2. Feeling ko naging Sumo wrestler ako pagkatapos niyan. I’m so happy we found that resto. Now, we have another good reason to go back to Bahrain. Siyempre, I think, budget permitting, we should still go to Sato every now and then.

    By the way, your soba is so yummy. When do we have this again?

    You said it! As in “SUMO”-bra ata ang kain natin – hahaha! 😆 As for the soba, don’t worry, that could be arranged… 😉 Good until supplies last!


  3. i have loved japanese food since i was 9. and i will love it forever! hahaha!

    You bet, Weng! This is one “love affair” I wish would last forever!


  4. my hubby and i love japanese food too 🙂 so far, furusato at roxas blvd is still my #1 (meron pa kaya nun? oh well).

    i’m so excited about your find! sa totoo lang bihira din and maayos na (authentic) japanese restaurants, let alone diyan sa ME! 🙂 pati ako nakiki-look forward to your next time there. 🙂

    ps. cute ni diva-lette 😀

    Can you believe we’ve never even tried Furusato yet?? Will have to make a mental note to do so on our next home leave… 😉 Layo kasi from where we are sa Manila e…

    Exciting talaga especially for “Jap-food-deprived” peeps like us – hahaha! 😆

    Siyempre cute si diva-lette…mana kay “diva”! O, diva? Hahaha! 😎


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