Quick Fixes

Want something quick and easy and satisfying too?

I may have just the thing(s) for you…

 Adobo Fried Rice and Mushrooms al Ajillo (Mushrooms in Garlic)!

Whipped these up a couple of days ago on a particularly lazy weekend morning when I just didn’t feel like cooking (in the strictest sense of the word) and hubby just didn’t feel like going “take-out”.  Pretty neat compromise, huh? 😉

Good thing there was some leftover adobo sauce and four chicken adobo pieces in the fridge which I just mixed together with some sauteed garlic and (you guessed it!) leftover rice!  Happy that after this cooking episode, there just wasn’t anything “left over” – yey! 😎

As for the garlic mushrooms, let’s just say that hubby was “instrumental” in me preparing this dish.  For the related story and recipe, click on hubby’s account here

A close-up of my Mushrooms Al Ajillo

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! 😀


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 15 October 2008 at 5:42 pm

    I don’t think there will ever be left overs when the food is this good? Yummy. I hope we can have this treat again sometime soon. Love the mushrooms (ps: next time bawas lang pala sa balsamic vinegar ha).

    Masusunod ang inyong kahilingan, kamahalan! 😆


  2. oooooh, i miss eating adobo! can’t wipe that TL off my face. nice job, ses! 🙂

    Why don’t you come over and I’ll make you all the adobo you want – promise!!! 😉


  3. we also had adobo rice a few days ago. 🙂 dapat talaga may adobo leftovers palagi. hee hee/

    Agree ako diyan – 100%! 😆


  4. pare-pareho ba tayo ng naisip? haha! ninna and i had adobo rice, too, recently. will do those mushrooms soon, dati pa ako tempted when keith posted them. 😀

    What did I say about “great minds”… hahaha! 😉 Have you tried the mushrooms yet, Mama Mee? 😉


  5. Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Adik ako diyan. Huwaw! Napakagandang presentation (as always.) Nahihiya na tuloy ako mag-post ng mga luto ko. Haha!

    Di bale, Twinx, the presentation can always be improved naman with practice… what’s important is that your food tastes good naman, di ba? 😉


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