LaPiS: On A Stick

This is our friend R “hamming it up” for the barbecue, or should I say, espetada.  😆

An espetada is actually chicken, beef or lamb barbecue with a Portuguese flair. Googled it further and I learned that the word is actually Portuguese for “pierced” and was originally meat skewered on a bay tree branch and left to grill over a smoldering fire.   In this particular resto, the espetadas – with the meat alternating with fresh red capsicum peppers and tomatoes – were served in hanging metal skewers over sides of either potato wedges or veggies.  Though the taste left me personally wanting for something else, the novelty itself of eating in this manner at least made up for the lack of, um, shall I say… “gastronomic satisfaction”.

Lastly, since I would not want to unduly “expose” our friend in the blogosphere and in the spirit of the Halloween season, I saw it prudent to somewhat “camouflage” his appearance – thus the impish Halloween mask. 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed my first LaPiS entry as much as I did “cooking it up”!


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  1. Hon, welcome to Lapis! That Nando’s specialty looks really good but, you are right, it failed to satisfy my discriminating taste buds too (naks!). Sana pala you took a before and after shot of R so we can compare his reaction… sandali, naka mask ba siya sa picture na yan? I always thought that is how he looks 🙂

    Bakit, na-enhance ba looks ni R with the mask? Hahaha! Patay tayong dalawa pag nabasa niya ‘to!!! “Artista material” pa naman siya before, right Kuya Germs? 😉


  2. that’s a funny shot—the mask is cute!:D akala ko shawarma ‘to.

    Now that you mentioned it… the espetada does seem to have a big brother in the shawarma! Hahaha! 😆


  3. hi pinky! i didn’t know you also have a food blog!:) welcome to La.Pi.S.! hope to see more! i i hear ya, regarding that ‘gastronomic satisfaction’ you were looking for… hehe, is it the one we get from our very own Q’s? probbly, because i personally would prefer ours over other grilled/skewered food around:)thanks for playing!

    Hi Ces! Thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂 You said it, many times home-cooked food, though more difficult to prepare (at least in my case!) is still the best!


  4. wow! looks interesting and yummy looking too!!!
    ngayon lang ako nakakita nito..

    Trust me. The novelty of eating this far outweighs its taste…sadly… 😦

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  5. shawarma’s minime. hehehe! welcome to lapis!

    You bet! 😀 Thanks for visiting my kitchen! See you again next week!


  6. welcome to lapis, pinky! 😀 hindi ko alam kung saan ako mas matutuwa, sa bbq or sa mask. i love them both, haha! from your kwento, though, i guess the mask wins. sad naman ako that the espetada didn’t stick up to your expectations. 😛

    On A Stick
    School of Fish

    Loved the play of words in your last sentence – hehehe! 😉 If you must know, it really felt like a “stick up” after the meal – yeah, the espetada didn’t live up to its price and our expectations… (*sigh*).


  7. you mean di masarap ito? i love shawarma kaya sa tingin ko lasang shawarma din yan 🙂

    anyways, buti nalang masarap yung binagoongan yo :))

    Sa totoo lang, Jay, sobra sigurong forgettable yung taste niya coz I don’t even remember kung shawarma-ish nga ba ang taste nito… basta alam ko di kami natuwa after eating it 😦

    Oo nga – buti na lang may lifesaver na binagoongan! 🙂


  8. hindi ko matandaan where we had a chance to eat something similar to that. medyo mas maliliit kaysa sa nasa pic pero mga tatlong sticks yata yun. gosh, i can’t recall! hindi ako matatahimik nito. hahaha!

    Oops! Sorry for triggering an “Alzheimer-ish” attack with this post – hahaha! 😆 Let me know kung naalala mo na ang name ng “elusive three sticks”… 😉


  9. Buti na lang may kuhang ganito at nasulit ang espetada ninyo kahit paano. 😀

    Oo nga…at least may silbi din siya apart from eating…hehehe 😉


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