Pork Binagoongan

I was in some sort of a dilemma this morning as I went to the freezer to defrost what I thought was a kilo of pork belly cubes… Apparently, something got lost in translation when I was buying the meat from the neighboring kingdom as what I found in my hands instead was a kilo of pork spare ribs!

Since visions of pork binagoongan (pork in shrimp paste) have been dancing in our heads for quite some time now, and considering the “challenge” involved in sourcing anything “oinkish” in this part of the world, I just stuck to my guns and made do with the meat cards I was dealt with.

Here is the result of my refusal to say bye-bye to my “binagoongan dreams”…


Looking good…


…and tasting even better – yum! 😎

Lesson learned? It definitely pays to be adventurous sometimes since you never know what surprises you may get!  Heck, this cooking “adventure” managed not only to tickle my fancy but my (and my ultimate discriminating critic/fan’s – aka hubby) tastebuds too!

All’s well that ends well!  Bon appetit! 😉

PS For anyone who may be interested, here’s how I prepared this dish…

What you need: 1 kilo pork spare ribs, 5 tbsp Datu Puti vinegar, 2 tsp ground pepper, 10 cloves crushed garlic, 2 tbsp canola oil, 1 cup Barrio Fiesta sweet bagoong, 1 1/2 sliced medium tomatoes, half a head white onion (diced), 2 pcs chili pecante, patis and sugar to taste

How to: Sweat pork in oil until pork cooks in own lard. Saute garlic in pork lard. Add vinegar and simmer.  Do not stir until vinegar boils and releases its “acidic odor”. Add pepper and patis and continue simmering over low heat until pork is brown. Add onions and tomatoes.  Continue stir-frying till tomatoes are cooked and limp.  Add bagoong, sugar and chiles.  Simmer under low heat until ready to serve.  Best eaten with steaming white rice.



8 responses to this post.

  1. what’s your recipe for this pinky? my binagoongan doesn’t look half as good 😦

    Will add it as a postscript to the entry soon, Mee… thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂


  2. ribs is better pala than the usual cubes or belly

    thats yummy to me……

    ang sarap talagang magluto si ate Pinks…ampunin nyo na ko pls pls pls pls pls pls

    Reply sa comment nyo: di po yun promo. nag papalit yung vendor kasi wala na syang barya kaya pinayagan nya kaming mag take nang ganung concept

    salamat sa pagbisita saking site 🙂

    Sabi na nga sa iyo e magpabigote ka na at pumunta na dito…dali!!! 😆

    Ikaw naman, joke lang yung “buy one, take one” comment ko… di ka na mabiro…hehehe 😉


  3. ay i forgot………..

    paano kayo nakapuslit ng oink sa desyerto?????

    try nyo kaya yung Camel :)) let us know how it will end up

    Alam mo naman tayong mga Pinoy… if there’s a will, there’s a way! Hehehe 😉

    As for the camel, di ata kaya ng powers namin yon! Kung lamb nga e medyo “iffy” pa kami…camel pa! Exotic to the max na yan if ever – hahaha!


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  5. sosyal na binagoongan! spareribs! 🙂 napaparami kami ng kain pag binagoongan ang ulam. 🙂

    Oo nga, matakaw talaga sa rice kapag eto ang ulam… hay, kelan uli kaya kami makakapag-“cross over” nito mula sa kapitbahay?


  6. I’m sure kay sarap nga niyan! Pang-restawran ang itsura Ate Pinky! Panalo! Hmmm dapat siguro ‘yan na ang isa sa mga negosyos mo pag pre-teens na ang mga bata. 😀

    Ang lakas naman ng bilib mo sa akin, Twinx…hehehe 😉 Di ata kakayanin ang pang-negosyo proportions – hanggang lutong-bahay lang ata talaga ako ever! 😀


  7. Posted by learning to cook mom on 22 February 2009 at 3:06 pm

    hi, happened to browse ur site looking for a simple easy to cook dish for someone like me trying so hard to learn to cook, juz found a fave dish of mine…binagoongan! i followed urs point by point and voila! twas a hit! i luv it and i luv it, my kids as well. nver thot binangoongan can be tht superb or can be tht spectacular, tnx to u!!! was hopin u cud gve me the how-to of ur equally great TAPSILOG dish…

    Hello, LTC Mom! 🙂 Welcome to my kitchen! And thanks too for your very heartwarming comment… means a lot to yet another “trying hard” cook like myself – hehehe 😉 Will post the tapa recipe shortly. Hope you come back to my kitchen soon!


  8. […] a much better version than my first crack at making this dish – and, I must say, made the “thrill” of crossing-over this […]


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