LaPiS: Halloween

Being in a country where almost every celebration in the “world as most of us know it” is virtually non-existent, I admittedly was quite stumped with the Halloween theme for this week. In fact, I was almost positive that I wouldn’t be able to get anything remotely “halloween-ish” from anywhere near here!

Given this mindset, you can just imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find these in our local supermarket while doing our grocery shopping during the weekend (which, in this part of the world, are Thursdays and Fridays, by the way 😉 )…

Ornamental Halloween corn…

…plus a bonus mini pumpkin too! 😎

Just what I needed for this week’s entry!

What can I say? Living in a desert isn’t as “dry” as I thought it would be – this little kingdom always manages to spring (mostly delightful) surprises on me!

Here’s to an equally wonderful Halloween ahead! 😀


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  1. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 26 October 2008 at 12:33 am

    Hon, I seriously love those colored corn… I don’t think they sell these in the Philippines… kita mo, iba talaga dito… walang halloween pero may pang decorate naman… sandali, sure ka hindi pwedeng kainin yan?

    Oo nga ano! You just have to laugh at the irony of it nga naman! 🙂

    As for the “edibility” of the corn…well pwede naman siguro…kung manok ka! Gotcha! Hahaha! 😆


  2. i’m amazed at your resourcefulness! thanks ha:) love those colors from the corns, now maybe keith can start carving that pumpkin again!:) hey enjoy the rest of the weekend! and happy halloween na rin *wink, wink*, come on over and let’s bring daughty to trick-o-treat’n! bilis!

    I actually have to give dear hubby credit for these finds – at buti na lang di siya nag-insist na entry na lang niya ito – hahaha! Oo nga…wish it were that easy to fly over there para maki-trick-or-treat…am sure diva-lette will have a blast! 🙂


  3. Ang cute naman ng corns na yan!!!

    Thanks, Peachkins! Appreciate you dropping by. 😉


  4. ornaments lang yan ate?????????????

    kaasar…sayang yung uling

    salamat sa pagbisita :))

    Actually, di naman talaga nagsayang ng uling since naturally ganito lang yung hitsura nung mga mais – parang pinatuyo or ni-“hybrid” ata in a special way to achieve yung parang grilled at speckled effect. 🙂

    Thanks for tirelessly dropping by too!


  5. fabulous corn color!
    … sayang at di pwede kainin…
    ng hindi manok hehehe

    Thanks, Iska! Oo nga, mag-e-enjoy ang mga manok dito…”sos(yal)” na patuka ito if ever – hahaha! 😆


  6. Wahahahaha! “Pwede naman siguro kung manok ka!” Hahahaha!

    Astig ng mais niyo! Happy Halloween! Ooops November 4 na pala. 😀

    I got dazed kasi these past few days…will blog about it soon. 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling much better now, Twinx… thanks for “religiously” dropping by! 🙂


  7. corn pa lang nakakatakot na, haha! 🙂 bewitched ata ang mais niyo pinky. 😀

    Oo nga ano! Baka kinulam kaya nagkabatik-batik! 😀


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