Something for the Sniffles

Diva-lette has been down with the sniffles for some time now probably due to the changing weather.  And being the “dutiful (?) diva” that I am, I thought it best to prepare some hot clear broth for her to help ease out the congestion in her nose and to also hydrate her somewhat.

What could be more comforting for the sniffles than a steaming bowl of chicken-asparagus soup? 😉


I prepared this from fairly common ingredients and is really simple to make.  Just saute garlic, onions and celery in a little bit of olive oil and add the shredded meat from one pre-cooked chicken breast.  Add water (or chicken broth) and wait for the soup to boil.  Once it boils, add strips of asparagus (I used the white variety) and season with salt and pepper.

I really hope this would help in making dear daughter feel better real soon…

Here’s to healthier days ahead! 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Awww dutiful (and sweet) diva indeed! From scratch talaga ang chicken soup mo Ate! Ako may daya ng Campbells este Batchelor’s na pala. 😦

    Napaka-swerte ni cutie Marga kay Mommy Pinky! I hope ‘la na sipon niya.

    Paminsan-minsan lang ito kapag sinisipag… otherwise, suki din kami ng Campbell’s 😉

    And yes, medyo nag-clear up na runny nose ni Marga…thank God!


  2. i think its the magic soup that did the trick! i’m glad marga’s feeling better na . 🙂

    Yey – go, magic soup, go! 🙂


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