Tummy Crunch(i)es

Guess a lot of you have heard how crunches supposedly does wonders for the tummy.

I couldn’t agree with this more.  Except that in our family, this is the type of crunch(i)es that make our tummies happy. 😉

The perfectly crunchy skin of “just-popped-out-of-the-broiler” Lechon Kawali! 😎

We are accustomed to eating our lechon kawali (roast pork belly) in bite-sized pieces like these.  Dip these babies either in soy sauce and vinegar with a little bit of crushed garlic or with Mang Tomas all-around sarsa and you will surely be in sheer “oinkish delight”! 😆

And the requisite side dish? Ginisang Munggo (Sauteed Mung Bean Soup), of course! Perfect combination! For mung bean recipe, click here.

I am pleased to note that even our “littlest member” has requested for seconds! It certainly makes my “kitchen mom heart” very full to hear the kids say “I want crunchie please!” everytime I serve them this dish. 

Note to self: replenish “forbidden goods” during our next “neighborly” visit – hahaha! 😆


7 responses to this post.

  1. Just looking at the picture makes me crave for it again. By the way, I thought you set aside a few more of those for me… can I have lechon tonight? I also wouldn’t mind the extra munggo.

    Sure! Anything for my “favorite boy” – hehehe 😉


  2. aaaah…why do i feel like you’re torturing me each time i go to your food blog!?! i want some “oinkish, oinkish, deliiiiiiiiiiight!!!” :p

    Oops, sorry, sestur! 😉 I suggest you put those pots and pans to good use soon so that you could prepare your own oinkish delights -hehehe! It’s never too late to learn – promise! 😉


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  4. Juice meh!! Tita Pinky, ilang araw ko ng pinipilit isnabin yung half cooked belly pork sa freezer, meant for lechon kawali iyon..kasi dieta mga bilbil ko…

    pero mukhang ilalabas ko ito mamaya, waaaaaaa!!

    Sign na ito, Manay, huwag nang mag-deny, don’t tell a lie… magpakatotoo ka sister!!! Hahaha! 😆


  5. Kulet ng comments hahaha!

    Ayos! Ala-una na ng umaga rito, ginutom na naman ako! Kaso kanin at Mang Tomas lang ang mayroon ako rito. Kawawang Twinkie. 😀

    Okay lang yan, Twinx… sabi nga sa ad ng Mang Tomas, sarsa pa lang, ulam na! Hahaha! 😆


  6. oh. my. goodness.

    torture sa tiyan bumisita sa blog mo pinky, i swear!

    oh. my. goodness.

    Oops, sorry po! 😉


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