LaPiS: Stuffed

Being on the tail-end of vacation mode, I was honestly tempted to just re-hash my previous blog on stuffed bell peppers for this week’s theme.

Reason (?) won out though as I managed to come up with new “stuff” (pun intended 😉 ) to post.

Good thing hubby found these creme-filled chocolate eclairs on the frozen section of the grocery shortly before we left!

Truly, “stuffed” store-bought desserts like these are always lifesavers – not only for impromptu dinner parties but also for times like these when I almost didn’t have a LaPiS post for the week! 😆

Now, how’s that for being doubly sweet? 😉


2 responses to this post.

  1. such a sweet entry! the eclairs and the habol for Lapis;) hey, enjoy the rest of your va-cay! pasalubong!:)

    Hey there, Ces! 🙂 Yup, we’re flying back home tomorrow…will send you your (virtual) pasalubong soon! 😉 Take care!


  2. apir tayo about instant desserts (or in my case, instant anything), hehe! pero siyempre, nothing beats the fresh, homemade stuff 😀

    Tawag diyan, at least in our “past lives” e – “effective time management”, right? 😉


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