Twice-Cooked Chicken Adobo with Quail Eggs

Probably all of us Pinoys have an “adobo of our youth” – that is, the preferred adobo “style” which was served in our homes while growing up and which we continually long for as adults. 

For me, it was the adobo which my mom (and lola) served – the one where we “double-cooked” the meat so that it comes out crunchy and crisp.  We are also accustomed to eating this adobo with the sauce separate from the meat – that is, we only put in the sauce as we ate the dish – of course, with a heap of steamed white rice! 😀

Sad to say, though, that I have only been successful in “recreating” this adobo version thrice at the most.

Having said this, you can understand my “pride” in having replicated my “youth adobo” yesterday with a few twists – instead of frying the meat, I decided to use the turbo broiler to make the skin crunchy.  I also added some quail eggs to my version for that decidedly Chinese flair.

Without further ado, may I present… my version of Twice-Cooked Chicken Adobo with Quail Eggs! (Psst… I listed the recipe below for anyone who might be interested to give this a try 😉 ).

Bon appetit!

I know… the eggs are screaming C-H-O-L-E-S-T-E-R-O-L!!! 😆

So better eat in moderation…

…but don’t forget the rice! 😉

What you need: 1 kilo chicken parts (I used thighs and whole legs), sea salt (to rub on chicken parts for flavor),  3 tbsp canola oil, 12 cloves crushed garlic, 1/4 head minced white onion, 3 tbsp Datu Puti vinegar, 2 tbsp patis (fish sauce), 1/2 tsp freshly cracked black peppercorns, 2 pcs bay leaf, 1/4 cup Kikkoman soy sauce, 1/2 cup water, dashes of Tabasco sauce to taste, 20 pcs hard-boiled quail eggs

How to: Saute minced white onion in oil until transluscent and set aside.  Saute garlic in oil until slightly brown. Add chicken parts and brown while stir-frying.  Add vinegar.  Don’t stir until vinegar boils and releases its acidic odor.  Add pepper, patis, soy sauce, bay leaf, water, sauteed onions and tabasco sauce.  Cover and simmer until meat is tender.  Add quail eggs.

Once cooked, separate meat from sauce with quail eggs.  Place chicken in turbo broiler at 175 degrees C for 15 minutes or until skin turns crispy.  Serve chicken and sauce separately.  Best eaten with steamed white jasmine rice.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm Tabasco… Hmmm twice-cooked with a twist sa turbo… Hmmm sino kaya makakakain “in moderation” sa lutong ito? Hehe! Ako, baka… baka wala akong tirhan sa kasama ko sa bahay! 😀

    Actually, pag ito ang ulam, medyo matakaw talaga sa kanin kaya tama ka – mahirap mag-“moderate” – hehehe! 😆


  2. i’ve always wanted to do that. yung i-fry ang meat after it cooks in the sauce. kaso ang sarap kumain na agad eh! hehe. 😀 matuloy na sana next time. 🙂

    psst…ang tawag ni dondi sa ganiyan, “cardiac delight”. 😀

    Hahaha! 😆 Cardiac delight nga – or “pagkaing pampabata” – dahil pag nasobrahan ka, di ka na aabot sa pagkamatanda! 😉 Bakit nga ba mas masarap ang bawal? Sa pagkain lang naman ha! Waaahhh!!!


  3. ay wala akong turbo, nyehhh. na-sad naman ako. return to prito-ing tuloy ako.

    ako naman whole chicken eggs instead na quail ang ginagamit ko dahil yun naman ang preference ng senyorita ko, hehe. ang asawa ko naman, ang adobo of his youth yung simple na once-cooked lang kaya tuloy ganun na rin ako kahit na sa twice cooked ako nagkamalay.

    grabe dapat na akong tumigil sa kaka-browse dito sa iyong kusina, nagugutom ako!! 😀

    Ako naman e indispensable part of my kitchen ang turbo – lalo pa at di ko pa alam how to work our oven – hehehe! 🙂

    Buti na lang at once-cooked lang ang nakasanayan ni Papa A so less work for you!


  4. Posted by tanyaregala on 23 June 2010 at 4:42 am

    Hi Chinois!

    This looks really yummy!

    I’m compiling a list of all the different ways to cook adobo in a quest to find what a true filipino adobo is today, and I’m happy to include your adobo recipe in my article at I hope you don’t mind the link from my site to yours =)

    Not at all – add away – am happy to help 🙂 Thanks for the link-up!

    Keep in touch!


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