Peach and Crabstick Salad

Though crisp and cool salads seem better suited to the warm, summer months, I decided to whip one up a few dinners ago nonetheless.

Foraging through my vegetable bin and crisper, I found a small head of Romaine lettuce, two cucumbers, 1/4 of a medium white onion bulb, a few pieces of crabstick and some leftover canned peaches in syrup.

What to do? Chop them all up, place in bowl, season with salt and pepper, toss and drizzle with your favorite dressing (ours is the “nearly-depleted” creamy Japanese sesame one – yum!).  A final tip: I found that adding a few teaspoonfuls of the peach syrup pushed the flavor a few notches up the “delish scale”. 😉

 This is best served with anything grilled or fried and makes for a perfect starter together with warm, creamy soup.

Bon appetit! 


4 responses to this post.

  1. that’s a very creative dish. love it when I can get everything from the pantry!

    Thanks! Yup, nothing beats having everything you need just waiting for you in the pantry. 🙂


  2. i love the colors, napaka-appetizing! lalo pa i love crab in all shapes and form 😀

    i’m here to spam your comment box, pinky. game k n b? 😀

    Thanks, Mee! And welcome back! Na-miss kita ha!

    Spam my comment box? Game na! 😆


  3. Grabe kumikintab-kintab pa ang peaches o! Swerte talaga ng mag-anak mo. 😀 Laging may healthy option.

    Btw, ang ganda ng Header mo. (Yun po ba ang tawag dun sa berries pic sa tuktok ng blog mo?) Tsk! Sana matutunan ko rin paano gawin ang pagpalit ng layout sa blogger. Nakakinggit kayo e. 😀

    Pero di pa talaga sila totally “sold” sa healthy food now – at least tumitikim-tikim naman kaya okay pa rin… 🙂 Important lang siguro to have it on the table so they can be encouraged to eat more of it.

    Thanks! Yup, it’s called header nga 🙂 Wish I could help you pero di ko alam format ng Blogger e…at saka di rin ako masyado techie e – hehehe


  4. My daughter would love this combo, favorite nya peaches and pinapapak naman ang surimi! Its so interesting that the flavors would blend in well, sige try ko mamaya, thank you muchos Pinky.

    You’re welcome, G! And thanks, too, for letting me know that crabsticks are also called surimi 😉


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