LaPiS: Media Noche

Unlike our “Media Noches past” in Manila, being in the “Kingdom Far Away”  for New Year’s Eve meant a simpler holiday spread.  Aside from the fact that it lessens the “kitchen workload” on me considerably, I felt that replicating what we were used to back home is highly impractical (and could also be wasteful) since, after all,  there would only be hubby and I and three kids who will share this midnight meal to welcome the new year.

Nonetheless, I learned that simple could also be delicious as these pictures will (hopefully) show. 

Fiesta Ham (yes, we were able to get some 😉 ), cheese wedges, grapes and a bottle of non-alcoholic wine spritzer (so the kids can join in the toasting!)

Before I forget, I also prepared some macaroni salad to complement our simple fare 🙂

As we welcome the new year, may we remain “steadfast in faith, joyful in hope and unwavering in love” and may our austerity in certain things lead us to greater prosperity not only in resources but also in the loving company of family and friends.

From our family to yours, a blessed 2009 to all!


5 responses to this post.

  1. When my children were small we used to buy for them their own non-alcoholic “bubbly” for New Year’s media noche.:)


  2. wow ang ganda nung table, plates and glass 🙂

    ibang klasse ang diskarte may oniky sa new year :))

    happy new year to you and to your family
    Here is Mine

    magandang araw ka-lasa-ista 🙂
    Salamat sa pagbisita 🙂


  3. exactly pinky…it’s such a waste kapag ang daming tira…hay naku just like our thanksgiving turkey! i have no choice but to throw na…haha!happy new year!!!


  4. Although I still prefer the other ham we used to get from Tito Ely, happy na rin ako at we were able to get that ball of fiesta ham for our New Year.

    Enjoyed all the “toasting” we did.


  5. Kami ay nag-toast toast din pero Kool-Aid lang ang kay Mia. Hehe!

    Hay fiesta ham! Ang Nanay ni Jose iniinggit pa kami na apat na fiesta ham ang nakuha niya at di niya na alam saan pa isaksak sa fridge. Yung ham na naihanda namin wala sa kalingkingan ng ham ninyo. 😀

    Akala ko maglakas-loob na ko to make macaroni salad. For now, it reamins a dream. Tinry ko pala ang no-bake cheesecake mo. Sorry, hindi ko pa siguro oras para mag-ilusyon na makagawa ng pie for dessert. 🙂


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