Pumpkin Pie

Did I already tell you I’m a “trying (very) hard novice baker” into baking now? 

I did? Well, so sorry for repeating myself…

It’s just that I get a natural (or is it sugar-induced?) high everytime something like this comes out of my oven…

Yes, it’s freshly baked pumpkin pie!  😎

This is actually a long-overdue Halloween “kitchen project” that I only had the guts to do quite recently.  Since my first attempt wasn’t as successful (was still using a turbo broiler then to bake – silly me!), I kept on postponing my “second go” lest the results disappoint yet again (yeah, call me a certified baking coward 😉 ).

It’s a good thing I gave it another shot (and with a “proper” oven this time!) or I never would have the satisfaction of seeing and tasting this “fairly easy-to-make” (look who’s talking now! hahaha! 😆 ) dessert. 

This is best served refrigerated with a dollop of whipped cream on top.  Here, have a slice!

PS You can find the recipe I used here.  And don’t you worry if you can’t find the specific brand of milk mentioned, I used another brand and it turned out just as well.  Also, instead of a ready crust, I used a store-bought “do-it-yourself” one from Betty Crocker. 😉


6 responses to this post.

  1. Uy! Kakaiba ‘to a! (Sa akin lang naman.) Kuya Keith? Anong hatol? Itsura pa lang ubos na e. “Spirito” na lang ata nakikita ko… 😀

    Naku, Twinx, di masyado “type” ni Keith ito dahil di daw appetizing yung kulay for him… Kami lang ng mga bata ang may gusto kaya okay na rin. 😉


  2. […] para malaman kung ano pa ang masayang puwedeng gawin dito sa mag-kuya, mangyari po lamang ay dito […]


  3. same here! i’d love to be able to bake too!

    Really, Rocks, sarap ng feeling! Domestic diva to the max ang dating – hahaha! 😆


  4. i want to try this kasi paborito talaga ni charlie ang pumpkin pie..pero pag me nakikita ako na ready made na..err..hehhe..di ko na matuloy ang science project ko!
    as of now, bibingka ang paborito kong ibake.. instant from pinas!;)

    Hi Dang! Oo nga, hirap mag-“project” pag hinarap na sa iyo ang “instant option” – the path of least resistance, ika nga… guilty din ako dito madalas – hehehe 😉 Thanks for dropping by!


  5. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 28 January 2009 at 11:45 am

    Hon, you know how I feel about this… taste was okay but the color does not really appeal to me that much… plus the thought that I am eating a pumpkin (different from a kalabasa, ha).

    Twinkie, ang hatol eh, okay na dessert paminsan-minsan.

    Naku, Hon, you’d have to “endure” at least one more round of this dessert since may isa pa akong lata ng canned pumpkin – hehehe 🙂


  6. I am impressed Pinky! You not only have grown quite a following through this food blog of yours, you also have become quite a food photographer! Kudos to you! I must study food styling already so that you can consider me in your next cookbook venture, hehe 🙂

    Wow, palakpak-tenga naman ako with all your kind words… thanks mucho, sis! 😀 Joint venture with MLH? Baka di kayanin ng powers ko – to the highest level na kaya yan – hahaha! 😆


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