Kung Hei Fat Choi!

In our family, we are used to having the same viands (ulam) for both lunch and dinner.  I usually stick to this set-up (since it does save me a lot of time in the kitchen) except for some days – like yesterday evening – when I found myself stumped as to what to cook for dinner (as I obviously didn’t prepare enough food to last till the evening!).

As usual, I get ideas (and inspiration) from my “numero uno kitchen fan” (and critic) – dear hubby!  Our conversation went something like..

Hubby: Parang gusto ko kumain ng pancit canton. (I think I want to eat some lo mein noodles).

Me: Ako rin! Pareho tayo ng iniisip ha! (Me too! We’re thinking the same thing!)

Hubby: Ano, lutuin ko na yung Mie Goreng? (So, do I cook the Mie Goreng?)

Mie Goreng, incidentally, is the brand of our current favorite instant fried noodles here.

Me: Hindi, gusto ko yung totoong pancit canton.  (No, I want the real lo mein noodles.)

And real lo mein noodles I got! (Or, more accurately, I cooked – for the very first time!)

Get a load of this! 😎 So excited that my first pancit canton foray turned out so well – yum!

Up close and delicious! It definitely hit the spot and put our lo mein cravings to rest (at least, for the day – hahaha!) 😆

Many thanks to blogger pal, Brother Utoy, who provided the much needed guidance (aka recipe) for this cooking adventure – though, admittedly, I had to make a few substitutions here and there (i.e., adding in a lot of minced garlic, using pak choy instead of cabbage, chicken broth for the shrimp stock  and celery stalks instead of haricot verts) depending on what was available in my cupboard and crisper.

And, before I forget, a belated Kung Hei Fat Choi to all (most especially to hubby’s dear relatives and fellow Chinoys)! May we all prosper in the Year of the Ox! 😀



5 responses to this post.

  1. wow, yummy talaga! had you not placed your signature on the picture, i’d think you took them from flickr.ü nakakagutom!

    happy new year, pinky!

    Thanks, Bro! Kaka-inspire kasi yung recipe mo e – especially yung mga side comments, este additional instructions pala, on what to do while cooking… hehehe 😉 Pagaling ka – mag-pancit ka muna! 🙂


  2. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 28 January 2009 at 11:38 am

    Hon, this was definitely a great first try! How I wish we can have this more often… everyone happy, especially si Unica.

    Bro Utoy, maraming salamat for sharing your recipe. I think super sumarap siya because Pinky also followed the “pito” part.

    E di lumabas din ang ka-chinoyan mo – hahaha!!! Am definitely adding this to my “frequently cooked list”, don’t worry… And yes, little chinita was one happy camper! 🙂


  3. parang sobrang linamnam Pinks! the shrimps, oh the shrimps!!! 😀

    Modesty aside, it was a good first try – even I surprised myself! 🙂


  4. ang favorite kong pinas pancit is bihon. but if it’s chinese pancit, i like seafood fried noodles! mukhang sagana kayo sa hipon jan ah! haha! 🙂

    I heart the fried noodles too – yum! Hipon? Oo nga – one of the benefits of being in a coastal city siguro. 😉


  5. Hahaha! Sorry ‘di ko naiwasan matawa kasi si Jose ang kaya/pwede lang i-request na pancit canton ay yung instant na Lucky Me. Nag-try din ako magluto ng totoo pero ni kalingkingan ng pancit canton mo, walang sinabi yung ginawa ko.

    Taray mo talaga Ate Pinky! Super swerte ng mag-anak mo. 😀 Kung Hei Fat Choi!

    Natawa naman ako sa comment mo – esp the “taray” portion – hahaha! 😆 Suwertehan din kasi ang pagluluto, di ba? Mas nakakagana nga lang when you get something right the first time…which I can’t really claim for other foods I’ve tried cooking (leche flan…for example!). Practice makes perfect lang yan, Twinx! Why don’t you give your pancit canton another go? 😉


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