LaPiS: Steamed

They say one of the healthier cooking methods is steaming.  I initially had reservations about steamed food since it seemed less tasty than its fried or grilled counterparts.

I was happy to be proven wrong in this case, though, since, apparently, healthy could still mean flavorful and delicious. 🙂

Here are some “steamy” samples from my tiny kitchen for you to (virtually) savor.

 Steamed Chicken Siomai – always a hit with my boys and girl 😉


My “Albino” Leche Flan (unwittingly used white instead of brown sugar for the caramel – duh!). Better than my first attempt but could definitely still be improved – still dreaming of that silky, bubble-free texture (*sigh*)! Taste-wise, though, it thankfully “redeemed” what it lacked in “looks” – hehehe 🙂

To see what “steams up” my other LaPiS-mates, click on the link on my sidebar.  A restful and delicious Sunday to all!


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  1. yummy! my sister sometimes use white sugar with her leche flan and it tastes just as good, too! lol.

    enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

    Reading all the comments on leche flan from this post, I realize that I may have been mistaken pala – white sugar is used all along! Pardon my ignorance, guys… 😉


  2. Pinky, pwede ba um-oder ng siomai, pakisamahan ng toyo na may calamansi juice 😉

    I’ve a Q though, I always use white sugar but it always turned brownish after caramelizing. May I suggest you just keep your pan or mold on fire a bit longer, it’ll surely turn into caramel looking.

    have a great Sunday, regards from Holland *muah*

    Sure, ikaw pa! 🙂 Thanks for the tip, Manay Thess! Siguro nga e masyadong maaga ko inalis sa apoy yung sugar kaya di na nag-brown… what can I say? Patience has never been one of my stronger virtues… hehehe 😉


  3. As I mentioned sa Cafe Munchkin, yung smooth leche flan ang ginagawa ng mom ko…I have to learn cooking that lol.

    Siomai naman hit sa big boy dito lol. Thanks for the visual treat! 😉

    Hi G! You said it – the “perfect” (aka smooth and silky) leche flan remains elusive to me until now… 😦


  4. awwww, love siomai! i also have siomai in my post.:D dim sum overload tayo sa LaPis today. 😀

    Never mind, this is one kind of “overload” I’d take anytime – hahaha! 😆


  5. pinks, i never use brown sugar for the leche flan caramel topping. white sugar lagi. you just have to be really patient when caramelizing it. i hope you were able to check out the link i posted in my la.pi.s. entry about caramelizing sugar.

    siomai is also always a hit with us! 🙂

    Naku, napaghahalatang novice leche flan maker ako – pasensya na… hehehe 🙂 Will do the leche flan yet again and, with all your valuable tips, I really hope it turns out right.


  6. You sound like my hubby A who kind of like it better when grilled or fried 🙂
    I quite like things steamed. At siguro, being the one who cooks, mas madali ito gawin hehehehe…

    I’m sure you’re also the healthier between the two of you because of your preference for steamed food (wag mo ako isumbong kay hubby ha? 😉 ).


  7. siomai and letche flan hmmmm

    aq din pa oder, better yet, amponin nyo na ako, eto may bigote na ako 😀

    anyways my jaw breaking treat is here

    magandang araw ka-lasa-ista 🙂
    Salamat sa pagbisita 🙂

    May bigote ka na kamo? Pwedeng-pwede ka na nga… Lipad na dito, Jay! Hahaha! 😛


  8. Posted by mushroomsfromhome on 1 February 2009 at 10:08 am

    ganda ng mga kuha – swirls ng siomai wrapper and “albino” color of the leche flan.

    Thanks! 🙂 Glad you even appreciated my “albino” treat – hahaha! 😆


  9. Pinks, send ko sayo, sa email mo sakin or post ko uli soon ha. Sabihin ko pag meron na… 😉 Regards to the whole fam!

    Thanks mucho, G! Will definitely wait for it…


  10. Hi, Pinky, just a suggestion, I caramelize white sugar on a nonstick pan on medium heat. I swirl the pan so it won’t gather in the center. Once I see bubbles, I pour it directly on my mold. It looks darker.

    Thanks for the tip, Ebie! 🙂 Will try it and let you know how it goes (keeping my fingers crossed now!). 😉


  11. Oh yummy! Both are my faves!

    We use white sugar as caramel for our flan and it’s actually brown…really…we have never used brown sugar for leche flan ever…

    One more vote for white sugar! Hahaha! 🙂


  12. Uhh I mean our flan looks like what flans normally look like…using just white sugar… 😀


  13. Yum! I remember my mama caramelizes the sugar first for the leche flan so that these will turn brown.

    Kahit ano hitsura, basta masarap, ok lang 😀

    Salamat, Julie 😉 Pero mas masarap kasi kumain kapag maganda din itsura ng kinakain di ba? Kaya double-time talaga ako to achieve the “desired look” ng leche flan – bwahahaha! 😆


  14. I must say Pinks, I am impressed! You must whip up these dishes (most especially the leche flan) when you come home!


    Is that you, my unicorn-loving pal? 😀 Welcome to my kusina! Super nice to have you visit me again – it’s been a while na kasi, right? 😉 Naku, ka-pressure ka naman! Pero, sige, “cooking bonding” tayo sa Marasigan kitchen when I come home… Mwah!


  15. wow.. two of my most fave foods! the leche flan still looks good – mestiza looking! :o)

    Thanks – you are too kind! 😎


  16. Sa totoo lang napatili ako ng nakita ko ang siomai. OA? Oo pero totoo napatili talaga ako. 😀

    Uhm… paano ang style mo sa Leche Flan Ate? Panigurado, ang sarap niyan! ‘Di mo pala maitanong si Jose kasi ay may nalalman pa na lime zest ha! Haha! At ang steamer namin ay dating kuluan ng mga bote ni Mia. Jologs talaga namin. 🙂

    Sana napatili ka sa excitement at di dahil natakot ka sa mga siomai ko – hahaha! 😆

    Style sa leche flan? Di ko pa kasi nakukuha yung gusto kong finished product e – sabihin ko sa yo pag nagawa ko na para naman “tried and tested” na yung recipe na ipapasa ko… 😉 At tama si Jose, some recipes call for either lime (dayap) or lemon zest – galing ha, I’m impressed! 🙂


  17. pinks ako din white sugar, basta intay lang and di masyado malakas yung apoy! anyway, albino or not, i have not met a leche flan i didn’t like! fave ko talaga yun!

    Naku, all of us in the family ay ito din ang fave. 🙂 Scheduling another leche flan session this weekend – hopefully successful na! 😉


  18. […] 18, 2009 · No Comments Remember last month’s albino leche flan? Or my utterly disastrous first leche flan try  of […]


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