What’s up, Doc?

I’m sure Bugs would feel like one “special bunny” if this were given to him …

Still can’t figure out what it is? What if we add some (appropriately) colored sprinkles to clue you in some more?

What do you mean it still doesn’t ring a bell? Maybe a differently-designed frosting would finally clinch the deal for you 😉

Hurray – you finally got it! It’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting – one of my favorite desserts that I finally was able to bake fairly recently (and with a proper oven this time) for a good friend’s birthday – yipee! 😎

Although I actually did only one recipe, I was able to split it into two “respectably-sized” cakes – one for our friend (the fully frosted one with the carrot design on top) and one for us (the one found on the first two pics in this post).  Now, ain’t that just doubly sweet? 😛

To find out “what’s up” with this cake, click here for the recipe. 

PS Some substitutions/slight modifications I did:

On cake batter – used pureed fresh gala apple instead of store-bought applesauce, used canola oil instead of vegetable oil

On frosting – used 1 cup icing sugar instead of confectioner’s and omitted pecans


6 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm… this was good… close to our favorite “homemade carrot cake” that we used to buy in the Philippines… nah, actually, this is better…naks!

    Buti naman you had a “change of heart” towards the end of your comment…or else! 😆


  2. […] or Watching TV, as the case may be! Hahaha! ) – habang kapwa din kayo nagsasalo sa iisang hiwa nito.  How sweet, di […]


  3. Katuwa naman kayong dalawa 😀

    Looks yummy and healthy pa.

    Hi Julie! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  4. masarap ito at madali lang gawin basta may tiga-kudkud lang ng carrots…that’s usually my hubby’s role whenever i bake carrot cake!

    Sadly e ako din ang official “carrot grater” everytime I make this… hehehe 🙂 Salamat sa pagbisita!


  5. wow! getting serious ha! congrats!!! and that is a very ingenious topping!:) love it and i’m sure it’s as tasty as it looks:)

    Di naman… medyo lang…hehehe! 🙂 It was good and will definitely make it again.


  6. Posted by Jude on 13 February 2009 at 2:05 am

    So glad to visit here Pinx…I was surprised you have your homemade goodies na ha..Pwede na tayong magbusiness dito sa kingdom…Hehehe! Congrats Chef & Keep It Up! Godbless!

    Hi Judith! Welcome to my (cyber)kitchen! So glad you could drop by 🙂

    Naku, marami pa akong ulam na lulutuin (at cake na ibe-bake) para dumating sa iyong culinary level… mas matinding training pa ang kailangan ko sa kusina e…hehehe! 😆 Do you offer lessons, Iron Chef Judith? 😉


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