Meatless Chop Suey

Here’s another “lent-friendly” meal idea – meatless chop suey! 😎

Was “inspired” to do this after the wife of one of Keith’s Pinoy officemates kindly let us sample her own no-meat chop suey version (she said one of her goals for this year would be for her family to eat healthy – amen to that!).  I liked how her dish tasted since the veggies still had a crunch to them and retained much of their natural sweetness – not to mention that it was a feast for the eyes too!  The colors of the vegetables were just so vibrant (not a veggie was wilted) that made the dish all the more appetizing – yum!

And so, after getting a few pointers from her, here is how my meatless chop suey looked like.

I’m sure most mothers would give anything to have their kids eat veggies and I guess I might have just stumbled on a “gold mine” here –  I’m pleased to say that hubby and the kids chomped these greens down with gusto –  yipee!  Why, even our two-year old wanted seconds of “sports candy” (i.e., carrots – as referred to by one of her fave Disney channel characters, Sportacus of Lazy Town).

Lenten season or not – I’m sure this dish will always be a welcome treat in our table. 🙂

QUICK HOW TO: Saute vegetables of choice (I used button mushrooms, red bell pepper, celery stalks, carrots, young corn and broccoli) in crushed garlic and chopped onions taking note to add the ones which cook longer first (i.e., carrots, celery, red bell pepper) and just adding the ones that cook quickly last (i.e., mushrooms, young corn) .  For the broccoli, I found it best to toss it last – just before turning off the heat so it doesn’t wilt too much. Add a little water mixed with a tablespoon of corn starch to give a little bit of thickness to the sauce.  Season with salt, pepper and oyster sauce.  If you wish, you may add tofu and quails’ eggs to satisfy your protein (and cholesterol!) requirements.

Happy chomping! :mrgreen:


One response to this post.

  1. Ayan bookmarked na. Sakto mag gulay shopping kami sa Sabado! 😀

    Galing din ni Sportacus ano? Sad to say Robbie Rotten pa rin ang influence ng veggie cooking ko. Sana mabago rin ng Meatless Chop Suey mo ang status ko. 😀

    Robbie Rotten? Sobra ka naman! Do tell how your version goes, okay? Good luck! 🙂


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