The Return of the Okoy

It’s the last few days of lent and I’m thrilled that I got yet another yummy meatless recipe (courtesy of “co-kingdom diva” Olive) – squash okoy!

It’s basically the same recipe as my earlier okoy (shrimp-tofu fritters) except that instead of bean sprouts, I used thinly-sliced squash strips.  And yes, it’s easy as 1-2-3! 😀


The verdict? Certified kid-friendly and mommy-approved! 😎 We absolutely loved the natural sweetness of the squash strips (I’ll go a bit further to say that the squash is way better than the bean sprouts 🙂 ) as it blended with the rest of the ingredients.  Now this is definitely comfort food whose “comeback” to our table is always a welcome treat!

Thanks so much, Olive, for putting a new twist to this old favorite!  And happy 9th wedding anniversary too! 😉


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yun din naisip ko Ate, yung tamis ng squash panigurado ang mas nagpasarap. Inhale, exhale… sana kahit isa sa okoy mo ay masubukan ko naman.

    Ate Pinky, winner ka talaga sa presentation pa lang!

    Twinx, tama na ang “deep breathing” at gumawa ka na ng okoy – hahaha! 😆 Take my word for it – it’s really easy and nothing to be afraid of. Looking forward to your own version soon! Mwahhh!!! 😉


  2. YUM! Your okoy looks good! Reminds me of Japanese okoy in sushi bars…

    Gee thanks, Iska! Coming from you – this is truly a compliment! 🙂


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