Pasalubong Pinoy

A couple of days ago, I was pleased to receive our “Pinoy na Pinoy pasalubong pack” 😀 from Keith’s colleague and friend, Tito O, who just came back from his home leave in the “motherland”. 😛

Sorting through our stash of halayang ube (purple yam pudding), tempura chips (something akin to kropek or kerupuk), mango-tamarind candies (or sampaloc), among others, this is what particularly caught my eye (and tastebuds too!)…

Yes, it was sheer dessert heaven for me the minute I opened those multi-colored plastic candy wraps and dug in these delectable, oh-so-Pinoy delights!  The creamy flavor of (what tasted like) condensed milk and sugar mixed with the tender strips of macapuno (uhm…”freaky coconut”?) 😉 surely brought back all those fond and yummy memories of home (*sigh!*).

Bless you, Tito O, for bringing back Pinas to us – even for a while – with your thoughtful, delicious and sweet (in more ways than one!) pasalubongs.


One response to this post.

  1. Uy, sarap niyan, kulay pa lang, ayos na.

    Yung tempura chips ba yung nasa orange na lalagyan? 😀

    Napaka-“alive” nga ng kulay niya and looks very appealing to eat… nakarami tuloy ako! Nag-excuse pa daw o – hehehe! 😆 Naku, yung nasa orange e “props” lang… candleholder actually ang mga yon… 😉


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