LaPiS: Slice it up!

Top of mind choice for this week’s entry?

Definitely pizza. 😀

And as an “afterthought”, check out what I prepared for dinner tonight… (more details in my later post 😉 )


Yummy sushi slices!

To get generous helpings of the other “slices” being offered this week, check out LaPiS by clicking on the icon on my sidebar.  A super Sunday to all! 😎


11 responses to this post.

  1. Ooh, sushi over pizza any time! 😀

    I can’t agree with you more – hehehe! 😀


  2. Ako naman.. pizza over sushi 🙂 Unless we are talking about sashimi…

    Ooohhh… sashimi! I love that too 😉


  3. Pizza! Anytime is a good time basta pizza 😀

    Happy Sunday!

    And the partial, unofficial results are in: Italian = 2 , Japanese = 2… it’s a close race! Hehehe! 😆


  4. I love California Roll…it’s the only sushi that I eat though… hehhee I tried some before and I didn’t like it…especially with the caviar! hehehehe

    Guess enjoying Japanese sushi is somewhat an acquired taste… 😉 Why don’t you give the other sushis another chance? Who knows? You might just like it! 😀 And the sushi with caviar? I love it too! 😀


  5. Posted by miriam on 17 May 2009 at 11:16 am

    enticing food! hmmm… when i was younger, it would be pizza for me. but now, japanese food gets my vote. lovely fotos!

    Thanks, Miriam! Way to go, Nihongo! 😀 Guess my bias is quite obvious as G noticed… hahaha!


  6. wow that sushi platter is the best, me love sushi too

    my entry is here

    magandang araw ka-lasa-ista 🙂
    Salamat sa pagbisita 🙂

    Apir tayo, Jay! 🙂


  7. hehehe…i’ll have both pizza and sushi! 🙂 all in one meal! yessss!

    That ain’t a bad thing either! 😀 As Hannah Montana would say – “the best of both worlds”! 😉


  8. Turning Japanese…pansin ko lang sa last 3 posts hehe. ok lang…Me love nihon ryouri too hehe. Enjoy the coming week. – G

    Shucks! Was I that obvious? Hahaha! 🙂 Hope your week’s great too, G!


  9. wow! todo na rin ito! galing galing na ng sushi mo ha! for a minute there i thought it was from a resto! woohoo!

    Yan gusto ko sa yo, Ces, pinapalakas mo loob ko e – hehehe 😆 Thanks for your encouraging comment! Mwah!


  10. Now that’s my SLICE of pizza! it’s got my two favorite things, seafood and eggplants.

    Yup, thoroughly enjoyed it too 🙂


  11. ‘Round the world with Pizza (Italy) and Sushi (Japan)!

    Labyu 😀

    From different parts of the world yet both delicious, right? 🙂 Labyu too!


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