LaPiS: Pearly SHELLS

I’ve always been a fan of sea crustaceans and with shrimps and prawns being the more “accessible” ones, it comes as no surprise that these usually find a place on our table.

Despite the supposed ease in cooking these sea yummies, however, I somehow still can’t perfect the “art” of making the flavor seep beyond the shells (*sigh*).

As they say, try and try until you succeed… 😐  And I’m doing  just that! 😉

Here’s my take on the oh-so-familiar prawn dishes that are bound to land on many Pinoys’ lunch and dinner tables…

Go a little bit fancy…

…or stick to the basics…

…and pair either with steamed white rice and this…

One thing’s for sure though … mapapa-hula (to the tune of “Pearly Shells”, of course!) ka sa sarap – hahaha! 😆

To see what our other LaPiS buddies have “shelled out” this week, click on the Lasang Pinoy Sundays (LaPiS) icon on my sidebar. 

And here’s to a Super Sunday to all!




9 responses to this post.

  1. Where’s the shrimp cooked in sprite? haha, kahit anong luto nyan go ako, pero the best yung panghuli! me bagoong pa sa tabi! Ay, hindi sha kasama mismo sa dish? ah, ok din nahihiwalay ang lasa ng hipon! 😉 Enjoy foodtripping!

    G, actually yung hilabos e binabad ko muna sa Sprite bago i-steam 🙂 Foodtripping to the max talaga – health permitting, of course! 😀


  2. Ps. un chocolates Guylian ang brand, pero for sure merong iba pa bukod don…i forgot na nga lang. 😀

    Naalala ko na rin nga before I read this reply… but thanks for jogging my memory nonetheless! 😀


  3. perfect combo talga yan Pinky!:) sarap! your photos are so drool worthy! fyi, i c/p your comment already on my site…may konti pa ring glitch though haha! sa commenluv, haay!:( have a great week!

    Thanks, Ces! Buti na lang may FB so I still get a preview of what your entries are… 😉 Anyway, hope the glitches get resolved soon 🙂 Take care!


  4. instead of steamed prawns, i sometimes add “tang” flavor (instead of sprite) and lots of garlic. yummy din! hayyy, masisira ang diet ko sa mga pictures na ‘to!:(

    Wow, Tang with prawns? Bago yan ha! Masubukan nga sometime… thanks for sharing, Luna!


  5. sarap naman ng mga recipe mo!!! love the garlic butter sauce!


  6. Posted by miriam on 2 June 2009 at 1:06 am

    Wow! parang part two ito ng post ni maver — tempura shrimp, shrimp omelet… and now, steamed prawns and prawns in garlic and butter. we are so blessed with such bountiful produce from our seas (not to mention the clams and the lobsters and…), don’t you think so?


  7. Actually, I sometimes cook the shrimps in squash with coconut milk (ginataang hipon ba)…pamalit ko sa crabs…

    Hindi nakakasawa no? Sarap sarap!


  8. walang tulak, kabigin! lahat masarap! 🙂

    Thanks, thanks! 🙂


  9. nagutom tuloy ako.


    Maraming salamat! Balik lang ulit sa kusina ha? 😉


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