Taste(s) of Home

I know I am home when…

I can easily get this for breakfast…

I have this for my “first merienda” (mid-morning snack)…

…and this for my second one 😆

Of course, to beat the heat (and sweltering humidity too!), it would be almost a sin to say no to this for dessert…

What can I say?  At least for the next two months, I am truly “home sweet home”! :mrgreen:


4 responses to this post.

  1. Leave some for me. By the way, why is the langka outside of the turon? Did you pull it out for this shot?

    No prob. 😎 The turon was really served that way… actually had it during our recent trip to Tagaytay.


  2. saraaaap!!!! 😛

    Thanks! Balik uli kayo ha? 😉


  3. Gosh ate pinks absolute fave ko ang taho at halo-halo!

    Miss reading your posts. Been busy lately…

    No Prob, Lori… been quite remiss in my “blogging duties” too since we arrived in Manila a month ago 😉 Thanks for dropping me a note! Hope all is well! 🙂


  4. omy!!!!!not on a saturday morning!:( i miss these treats esp on a lazy day such as this:) great shots too! welcome back, if i may say so:)


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