Turning Japanese (Again!)

For those of you who have been following this blog for sometime, you probably realize by now how much our family is a fan of Japanese food… and how we would often go to great lengths just to satisfy our latest Nihongo craving. 😉

Having said this, it should therefore come as no surprise that among the first things we needed to do when we got back to Manila is (you guessed it!)…  get that yummy Japanese fix as soon as we can! 
And what better way to do this than by preparing our very own Jap spread at home – yipee! :mrgreen:
What added to the fun (and to the “authentic” Japanese experience we were trying to recreate) was that we were again able to use the Japanese tableware of my mom which she had so carefully and meticulously collected during their posting in Nagoya (I tell you, I absolutely d-r-o-o-l over most of the pieces in her collection 😎 )
Here’s what we came up with that fateful “Japanese-y” lunch at my parents’ home…
…or the variant without the leafy greens (since we actually ran out!) – with avocadoes and cucumbers thrown in – yum! 😀
Of course, it’s a must that our family “staple” should always be “present” too!

Lastly, we capped off our meal with this combination soup/entree…

Needless to say, at the end of the meal, we were all (thankfully) in our own Japanese-inspired gastronomic heaven!

Gochisoo-sama! (It was a real feast!) 😆 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, cool. If you did not say it, I would think this really came from a Japanese Resto. The salad looks so yummy. Hope you can replicate it here.

    That can surely be arranged 😉 Malakas ka yata sa akin! 😀


  2. They all look yummy! How I wish I can make Japanese sushi… kelan ko kaya sisimulan?

    Naku, Iska, I too was a bit reluctant at first to make sushi… pero pag nasimulan mo na pala e madali na lang 🙂 Looking forward to your sushi “creations” soon! Take care! 😀


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