How “Berry Bad” Can Be “Berry Good”

When I found out the theme for this week, I was excited since I luckily still had a bowl of strawberries in the fridge…


What’s more, I came across an interesting strawberry cake recipe at the back of a food label ( the excitement mounts – hahaha!) which I thought was fairly simple to make. 😀

Long story short: I checked the recipe out, prepped all the ingredients, got to work and…

 This “thing” was what emerged – waahh!!!   😐 What was supposed to be a three layered cake turned out flat as a pancake!!! What I thought was simple turned out to be simply disastrous! 😥  (For photo purposes, though, I still decided to “pimp my (pan)cake” somewhat as a “firefighting measure” of sorts… *sigh* – aka : to make me feel better!).

What to do? Well, when life hands you lemons a disastrous flop of a cake, make lemonade use of the “good” ingredients and enjoy your strawberries and cream! 😎

A berry good LaPis Sunday to all!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Genius, Pinky! ahaha, pag totoo na mahirap na gawin pag sa Restaurant city kaya pa lol.

    Amen! 🙄


  2. Thank goodness for cream!:D

    Yup – proved to be the strawberries’ saving grace 🙂


  3. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 22 October 2009 at 9:58 am

    Kasi why did you ditch Betty (Crocker)? Good try (save) though.

    😦 I agree – it was a try but not necessarily a save… sigh!


  4. hmmm…anong food label yan? just in case i cross paths with it para hindi ko na tangkaing i-try yung recipe. 😀

    Nestle Cream. Pero, I think di kasalanan ng recipe… most probably ako yung may problema – hehehe! 😆 I should really take lessons from you!


  5. but it looks pretty! and i’m sure tastes swell too!:) the photos are so mouth watering..penge!!!:(

    What can I say? The wonders of photo editing… hahaha! 😀 I’d gladly give you the strawberries and cream… but the pancake? Nah! Unless, of course, you’d like to practice some serious discus throwing… bwahaha! Truth be told, we only finished half of it since I couldn’t “force” the fam to even finish the other half… Yup, it was that bad…waaahhh!!! 😦


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