Dimsum Discovery

Just wanted to share with you our latest find from the frozen food section of our friendly neighborhood (Asian) grocery…

The only thing I understood – apart from the brand name – were the yummy-looking dumplings enticing us to give ’em a try! 😀

Though the price was a bit steep (SR25  – or USD6.67 – for 12 pieces), hubby and the boys became instant fans!  We were definitely not disappointed insofar as taste was concerned since it brought back fond memories of delicious dimsums past… 😳

Our only wish: Super-size this siomai!  If this were so, guess we’d not be having second thoughts with shelling out our hard-earned riyals the next time 😉


3 responses to this post.

  1. make sure it’s not MSG that’s making this so delish!

    I know… Ajinomoto=MSG. Case closed 😦 Don’t worry, will make sure this does not become an “addiction” – which is far from happening, I guess, considering the price of these shumai!!! Que horror, ses!Hahaha!!! 😆


  2. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 6 December 2009 at 4:46 pm

    Oh, I so miss this already! Damn, if only those dumplings were not as big as squidballs I’d buy more of them – MSG or no MSG! Yummy!

    Why does Rina comment on this blog and not on my site? Grrr!

    Squidball-sized siomai… painfully cute (double meaning!) – hahaha! 😆 What? Rina doesn’t comment on your site?!? Wonder why… 🙄 Maybe because… she likes me better? 😉


  3. Oh my, sobrang hold-up naman ang price ng mga siomai na ito! We have that brand, too. If my memory serves me right, you can already buy 3 packs with the amount you paid for your pack. 😀

    Hold-up talaga! 😦 Sayang because masarap pa naman sana siya…


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