Happy Super-Blessed New Year!

After two (yes, you read it right – TWO 😀 ) fun New Year’s Eve parties with our friends – with the last one finding us crawling into bed at 3 am the following morning – I was too tired to wake up to prepare a “proper” New Year’s day meal for the family.  Next best thing?

Do a “proper” New Year’s dinner – yay!   After all, I wanted to treat hubby and the kids to something special to start 2010 right 😉

Here’s what I came up with…

For starters:

Pardon the photo of the clam chowder – I actually took it the day after since we weren’t able to take a decent photo of it from the night before… this was all that was left! 😳

Then on to the “main event”… we very rarely have beef dishes (mainly due to health reasons) but I decided that New Year’s would be an exception. 😉

Since the main was already quite heavy on the tummy, our dessert was kept as simple as possible…

And in the true spirit of celebration, all these were washed down with some (non-alcoholic) bubbly – with a few strawberries thrown in, of course!

Cheers, everyone! And to quote my fave preacher Bo, here’s to a super-blessed year for all of us!

“I declare I’ll have a super-blessed year in 2010! I claim a year of amazing abundance for my life. This year, I shall receive more love and give more love. I shall experience more joy, greater generosity, dreams fulfilled, financial increase, open doors, new opportunities, divine connections, supernatural appointments, great miracles, answered prayers, and exponential growth—Amen!”



4 responses to this post.

  1. […] begin this year right, we will have our first official dinner for 2010. Pinky is currently preparing a healthy serving of soup, salad and steak to be washed down by a […]


  2. Amen!

    proost to this new year! lovely photos..nakakatulo ng ….:D

    Proost, Salut, Cheers! 😀


  3. Hon, it was a great way to start the year! Looking forward to a wonderful 2010. I’ll try to take on as well your very positive attitude… abundance mentality will be our mantra!

    Oh yes, let’s make 2010 an awesome year – and we begin by letting all the positive energy flow into every aspect of our lives. We claim it: good health, exponential wealth, more friends, better opportunities… thank you, Lord! 😀


  4. A blessed new year to you pinky!

    …and to you and Jom too! Stay happy and blessed 🙂


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