Champorado (Chocolate Porridge)

It’s a weekday and the three gremlins are home with me.  The two boys are recuperating from a recent bout of respiratory tract infection while divalette is again “playing hooky” (with permission)! 😆 

A short note: Though our little princess was very much “willing and able” to report for school today, she was kinda “limited” by our dear “designated driver” (aka hubby) who said he can only make trips to and from school with a “minimum” of two children! And since the “minimum passenger requirement” was regretfully(?)  not met, it’s no go for her (*sigh*)… 😳

So what’s a mom to do? Prepare something a little bit special for breakfast to hopefully perk up her “not so well” brood seemed like a good idea… 😉

A quick survey of my “kitchen arsenal” yielded the “perfect solution” – a box of Double Chocolate Champorado (“imported” from Pinas during our last home leave, of course!).

Champorado, or chocolate porridge,  is considered one of the more popular almusals (breakfasts) in the Philippines. The original recipe was usually made with soft-boiled glutinous rice and flavored with tableas de Cacao, bittersweet chocolate tablets made of freshly roasted chocolate mixed with milk and sugar. Champorado is usually served with a side dish of fried or smoked seasoned meats like longganisa  (local sausages) or beef tapa (beef jerky).  In  our family, though, we grew up eating this with a side of fried dilis (anchovies).

I actually tried preparing the dilis this morning to go with the porridge but I unwittingly burnt the darn thing – how pathetic is that! 😦

Good thing the yummy champorado more than made up for my sorry dilis misadventure – the gremlins readily gobbled it up! 😆

Thanks, Antonio Pueo!   Till we cross paths again…


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  2. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 22 February 2010 at 3:39 pm

    Hmmm, not so much a fan of this although I don’t mind trying it later – unless, of course, the kids ate every thing.

    Meron pa naman natira…konti! 😀 Better give it a try so you know what you’re missing! 😉


  3. The Antonio Pueo champorado is our absolute favorite but we don’t see it in all the supermarkets 😦

    I know, Peach… 😦 Kaya nga the last time I saw it available in Makati Supermart, mega-hoard mode bigla ako – hahaha! 😆


  4. Hi there!
    Hopped in here from kablogs, “Gremlins” particularly attracted my eyes =) . I have a gremlin too equivalent to three boys =)

    Wow, your champorado sure did show it has been heartily prepared for your gremlins!

    Thanks, Beverly! Equivalent to three boys??? Wow! You pretty much must have your hands full then… 😉 Appreciate the visit!


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