Eggplant Omelet (Tortang Talong)

Although my finished product is a far cry from the look of my “inspiration dish“, taste-wise, it was a winner! 😆

Our whole family loved it so much that I actually made it twice already – in a span of one week – eversince I got the recipe from blogger pal and “photonut – extra-ordinaire” Thess

And yes, the addition of cilantro to the meat mixture (btw, I used ground chicken in my version 😉 ) gave that added “oomph” that interestingly reminded me of the delicate flavor of  authentic Thai food – something which we sorely miss in these parts .

Nothing much to add except – T4 (aka Tortang Talong ala Tita Thess!) – j’adore! 😉


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  1. I love this dish as well, especially the way my mom cooks it, kaso ngayon, no one likes eggplant 😀 So no torta for us 😦 Ikain nyo na lang ako ng T4!

    Sad naman that no one likes eggplant in your home… 😦 Sige, ikakain ka na lang namin ng T4 – hahaha! 😆


  2. Nagulat ako ng makita ko ang trackback link at sabi ko sa sarili ko: ‘sino kayang pumatol sa aking talong?’ ha ha!
    Talaga, kinain din ng mga kids? teka lang ha…(Nag tumbling si Thess sa tuwa!) ok I’m back :D… salamat sa feedback Pinky!

    photonut – extra-ordinaire – lol!

    Je t’adore mon amie

    Tita T! 😀 Oo, gusto din ng mga kids ang talong mo – panalo talaga! Je vous remercie aussi, mon ami! 😉


  3. Posted by Leap of Faith! on 22 March 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Super yummy! Thanks so much for cooking this. I’ve forgotten how much I missed this already.

    The cilantro did make the torta taste more interesting – recipe ba yon ni Tita Thess?!

    So looking forward to the next talong meal. Love it!

    Opo – the cilantro idea was truly a stroke of genius – courtesy of Tita Thess, of course! 😉 Talong next week?


  4. Sarap! One of my favorite dishes. I’ll try cilantro, too, next time. I better start my seeds!

    Wow, you grow your own herbs? Wish I could do that someday… 😉 And yes, cilantro is truly highly recommended by yours truly as a yummy addition to tortang talong. 😀 Thanks for the visit!


  5. This looks so yummy…what’s the recipe ate pinks?

    Hi Lori! Just click on the link I provided in the blog for the recipe 😉


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