Easter Eggs Reinvented

Another Easter season has come and gone.  And for most moms like me, a tricky question will inevitably be what best to do with the kids’ egg hunt loot. 😉

Good thing I could always rely on dear cousin-in-law Weng   to provide just the perfect solution for this, er, “predicament”.

So, from her treasure trove of practical recipes, these…

… are given a “new lease on life” and transformed into …

…aptly “re-christened”…

You might notice that I opted for the French-inspired name for this dish as I didn’t want to use what it is  traditionally called.  Call it weird but I felt a bit uneasy about the “original name” since it seems kind of contradictory to the “nature” of the eggs and what they stood for (being symbols of the resurrection and all… ). 🙄

Anyway, taste-wise, these turned out really good and my three gremlins were very happy to have them for their “second lunch” today. :mrgreen:

Another kitchen emergency solved.  Thanks again, Munchkin Mommy!


4 responses to this post.

  1. You’re welcome and thanks also. Hee hee. 😀 I’ve always loved Eggs Mimosa (ehem). The only eggs we had for Easter were the plastic ones with treats inside and the all-egg yolk leche flan I made for Chad. Hahaha!

    Leche flan’s more than enough egginess for me -hahaha! 😀


  2. Unfair! Why didn’t I taste this? You should make a repeat performance.

    Love your pictures.

    Just used up the half-dozen easter eggs so there weren’t enough to last till dinner, unfortunately… Don’t worry, a repeat performance can be easily arranged. 🙂


  3. […] how we celebrated our previous Easter, you can click this and this. Also, you may want to look at this for a creative way of reinventing those eggs after all the […]


  4. Posted by Eksperti on 19 April 2010 at 9:55 am

    yummy, i like your post.



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