Din(n)er Dash!

Friday evenings just do not bring out my “inner chef”.  Being the counterpart of Sunday (at least in most parts of the Westernized world) – traditionally  a “day of rest” –  I just can’t seem to bring myself up for kitchen duty on this day.

But since American Idol’s on (meaning we can’t go out for dinner lest my AI fanatic family votes me out for being the “weakest link” 😳 ), I have to resort to a quick-and-easy meal for my, ahem, “wanna-be-Idols”.

My quick fix? Steamed rice, soup and this…

Sliced turkey franks sauteed in white onions with a can of baked beans

Thank God this got the votes of my own “board of judges” today.  And like the remaining seven AI contestants, I get to cook  live for another week… :mrgreen:


One response to this post.

  1. weeh, we had this earlier too. Hi!!! kitchenmaus is sniffing in your kitchen….

    Hi G! Now you’re definitely one kind of mouse I would be pleased sniffing around in my kitchen 🙂


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