Binagoongang Liempo

This dish is actually a “leveled-up” version of lechon kawali (roast pork belly).

After prepping the pork belly as lechon (1 1/2 kilos of it!), I then proceeded to complete this “cardiac delight”  by sauteeing the pork belly cubes in two heads of minced garlic, adding 8 tbsps of white vinegar and letting the mixture simmer till it bubbles and gives off that characteristic “acidic odor”.  Next would be the addition of  3 chopped tomatoes and half a white onion.  I let the pot simmer again for 5 – 10 minutes – or until the tomatoes are limp and the onions are soft – before I finally add the shrimp paste and the long green chilies.  I seasoned the dish with pepper, fish sauce and sugar to taste.

The finished product?

Definitely a much better version than my first crack at making this dish – and, I must say, made the “thrill” of crossing-over this “precious commodity” 😉 all worth it! :mrgreen:


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