Ooh-la-la-Laduree! :D

Being perpetual foodies-at-heart, the many fabulous sights we saw during our recent family holiday still seemed wanting to render us fully satisfied insofar as the “full sensory experience” is concerned.  Good thing  an undeniable highlight happened –  our oh-so-pleasant introduction to traditional French food! 😆

Admittedly, we were at first reluctant to try this particular cuisine as visions of small portions, exhorbitant prices and snooty maitre d’s came to mind everytime  (*shudder*) …

Thank goodness we were proven wrong!

And to shake things up a bit – I will not start my post with appetizers nor mains (expect those in later posts 😉 ) but, you guessed it – with dessert! 😳

So please, sit back, relax and let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away (Versailles, in France, to be exact), there was a family who visited a grand museum which was a royal palace once before.  Among the many paintings, sculptures, and fancy things one would expect from a palace were there, of course, but they were certainly intrigued to see this…

“Secrets?”, they wondered, as these tempting delights flashed before their eyes…  “What could they be?”  And, needless to say, curiosity got the better of them and they explored some more… they wanted to unlock whatever this “secret” was… and these seemed to hold the elusive key!

“Hmmm… too fancy!”

“Too plain…”

“Perfect match!” They all agreed. Just right.

And so, excited at having unlocked a sweet secret, they hurriedly grabbed this…

They opened the bag excitedly and found exactly what they were looking for…

Secrets that were just too sweet not to share…

For who could certainly resist treats as delectable as these? 😉  They all decided it would be best for everyone to be in on these “precious secrets”.

 The secret is out – sinfully sweet and calorie-laden  almond meringue discs filled with a layer of buttercream, jam, or ganache filling – premium double-decker macarons from Laduree!

That night, they all slept happily ever after – with that unmistakeable silly macaron-triggered smile painted on their faces. They had been to macaron-heaven and back – the secret has been unlocked and they want the whole world to know.

The End.



3 responses to this post.

  1. ooooh, doesn’t that last picture paint a thousand words?!? sorry, couldn’t contain all the excitement. show me the, macaron! (a la jerry maguire)

    Yup, the smile says it all!!! 😆


  2. Thanks to Rina for educating me on this one. My only idea of macarons is the one they sell here in the Phils – the one with an extra “o” and is made up of coconuts – he he he!

    I’m super missing Laduree now!

    Naks naman – from coconut macaroons to French macarons – you’ve come a long way, honey!!! Hahaha! 😀


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