Brissy Chrissy Foodie Finds

Spending Christmas away from what we have been used to in good ol’ Pinas, though a bit lonesome at first, always proves to be an exciting and most interesting experience.

For one, it gives us a good picture of how people in different countries celebrate (if at all) important occasions.  And being “forever-Pinoys-at-heart”, what better way to showcase the celebration of Christmas than with glorious food!

I was especially thrilled with these “finds” as they reflect how Aussie-based Pinoys have adapted to the holiday customs and traditions of the locals in the only nation-continent of the world.

Pavlova is essentially a merengue-based cake which is topped with whipped cream and fruits (usually a variety of berries) in season.  Though it is usually homemade, most just run off to the nearest grocery store to get the “basic cake” and just do the toppings at home. 😳  It is considered a traditional holiday dessert here in roo-land. 

VERDICT: Light, not too sweet… plus the berries provide the much needed anti-oxidant fix to combat those nasty free radicals brought about by consuming all those other “sinfully rich” holiday offerings – hahaha!

This was yet another “foodie-scovery”…

This is also called Christmas pudding in these parts.  I am not admittedly a huge fan but it is indeed amusing to find out that the “fruit cake circle”  (remember the joke about the 12 fruit cakes that just manage to go around every Christmas season? 😉 ) has apparently made its presence felt  here too!

Lastly, though not of the edible kind, we were pleased to be able to participate in yet another Aussie Christmas tradition – the wearing of  paper crowns around the meal table while partaking of the holiday food.  These paper crowns come from inside “explodable” Christmas bonbons (pretty much like the party poppers found in Pinas)… Too bad though that I wasn’t able to take proper pictures to illustrate my point since we were all happily “caught in the moment” of letting ’em bonbons pop to get the crowns (plus mini plastic toys!). :mrgreen:

Suffice it to say that our first Christmas Down Under was definitely memorable and that we certainly – especially with those fab desserts and poppin’ bonbons – had a “blast”!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Papa and Mama on 9 January 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Interesting account of how Pinoys celebrate Christmas in Oz. Very attractive desserts and certainly very inviting. Mama & Papa

    Thanks! 😀 For sure Mama would love sampling them too. Hope all is well with you. Miss you all!


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