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Potato-Corn-Tuna Patties

The kids being back to school only means that I have to likewise “activate” my “lunch lady duties”.

Knowing that their school specifically requires requests that they bring only healthy packed lunches (translation:  no chips and sugary treats, no eggs nor nuts too (in deference to those kids with food allergies)) has certainly put both my creativity and cooking skills (?) to the test more often than not.

Thank goodness that co-mommy Carrie (aka wonder twin of my fave sis-in-law – on my side of the fam 😉 ) suggested that I try this recipe she googled from one of the more popular and kid-friendly foodie sites in this part of the world.

The result?  

Definitely another winner! :mrgreen:  Also, since  it brings together the three ingredients our kids love (mashed potatoes, sweet corn and tuna flakes), this dish undoubtedly has my “mommy-stamp-of-approval”. 😀

And if, like me, you have a little girl whose portion sizes are a bit smaller than our two other growing tweens, making the patties into potato balls – and paired with the usual “fruit component” (in this case, sweet seedless watermelon wedges – yum!) – should still hit the spot.


Hoping to share more lunchbox ideas soon. 🙂

Kiddie Kung Hei Fat Choi Lunch

It’s the week of the Chinese New Year and what better way to recognize this than by spreading some “Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) lovin’ ” in our kiddos’ lunch boxes.  By lineage, they are still quarter-Chinese after all, right? 😉

Never mind that they neither speak nor understand the language… they still undeniably look the part – and for me, that’s enough reason to celebrate – hahaha!

Those steamed pork buns (siopao) – store-bought until I have the “courage” to make them from scratch – and homemade fried spring rolls (lumpiang Shanghai) surely hit the spot for our three gremlins… no leftovers! Yipee! :mrgreen:

And here they are up-close…

Of course, there had to be the fresh fruit component to the meal – thus the clementine and green seedless grapes for their snack (or “mental munchies” as their school refers to them).

Hope to post more lunch box “inspirations” in the coming days.

Stay tuned!

LaPiS: Flour

Though I do not consider myself a baker nor a pastry chef  by any stretch of the imagination, I admit that I do feel mighty proud of myself when I am able to pop these baked goodies from scratch from my oven…

Divalette’s packed lunch for today 🙂

My sister’s birthday cake.  Related story here. 

Of course, with much help from this week’s “featured ingredient” – FLOUR!

To see what other fab foods can come out of flour, visit LaPiS.


LaPiS: Hearty

Part of what I signed up for as “domestic diva” is kitchen duty and part of kitchen duty is…

Preparing packed lunches for hubby and the kids on weekdays. 🙂

When the mood hits me, I like to do something special for them, to make lunch a bit more interesting. 

Why have the “plain rice and viand combo” when you can jazz it up a little like this…

Now, how’s that for a truly hearty meal? 😳 😎

A love-filled pre-Valentine Lasang Pinoy Sunday to all!

Lunch Time…Crunch Time!

Just when I thought my life would be a tad easier while the kids were at school and hubby was at work…

Alas, I realized that truth could really be stranger (and more hectic!) than fiction – especially the “temporary-freedom-enjoyed-by-mom-while-the-brood’s-away”  kind  – hahaha! 😀

Translation: I had to step up my “diva duties” in the kitchen to make sure that my brood was well-fed (yes, including dear hubby!) even when away from home.  This meant doubling my usual kitchen prep work and churn rate, so to speak, to ensure that packed lunches and snacks were good-to-go before 7 am every weekday.  What’s more, since it would be the first time that diva-lette would be eating away from home without me, I had to also make sure to be creative in presenting her food so she would be enticed to eat it.  

Hmmmm… quite a tall order for a certified “un-morning” person like me! What’s a girl to do? 🙄

Answer: Apart from a quick trip to the friendly neighborhood Japanese store for my supplies and  preparing the food the night before (post-dinner and dish duty) and letting it chill in the fridge overnight, I found my much-needed packed-lunch inspiration and ideas from….(drum roll please)

My proclaimed bento gurus – Kitchen Cow and Munchkin Mommy! (Oh, the joys of technology and the internet!)

And though I’m admittedly still a looooong way off  in mastering their “art”, I am nonetheless pleased with what I’ve been able to do for the past two weeks of my “packed lunch-making” life. 😎  

Allow me to share with you some of my favorite (wannabe) bentos…

For my “honeybunny Papa Bear” … 😀



Thanks to Kaoko for this wonderful idea! Had to make do with nori strips though since I forgot to buy nori sheets!

For our two ” tween-agers” …

And, finally, for our pre-school princess…


Pretty neat, huh? I thought so too 😉 More bento lovin’ soon!