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Kiddie Kung Hei Fat Choi Lunch

It’s the week of the Chinese New Year and what better way to recognize this than by spreading some “Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) lovin’ ” in our kiddos’ lunch boxes.  By lineage, they are still quarter-Chinese after all, right? 😉

Never mind that they neither speak nor understand the language… they still undeniably look the part – and for me, that’s enough reason to celebrate – hahaha!

Those steamed pork buns (siopao) – store-bought until I have the “courage” to make them from scratch – and homemade fried spring rolls (lumpiang Shanghai) surely hit the spot for our three gremlins… no leftovers! Yipee! :mrgreen:

And here they are up-close…

Of course, there had to be the fresh fruit component to the meal – thus the clementine and green seedless grapes for their snack (or “mental munchies” as their school refers to them).

Hope to post more lunch box “inspirations” in the coming days.

Stay tuned!

LaPiS: Rolled

It’s only been a few weeks since we ushered in the Year of the Tiger per the Chinese calendar…

So, in keeping with hubby’s “roots”, I thought it would be nice to have a “Chinoy-themed” entry for this week.  😎

Although I sadly wasn’t able to find “authentic” tikoy (sweet sticky rice) in this part of the world, I was pleased to have discovered these babies in a Pinoy bakery in the next town…

Drumrolls and cartwheels are in order for these… Tikoy Rolls! 😀


Instead of the usual way of cooking it (dipped in egg and then fried), these “tikoys” come with a twist – they are rolled, sprinkled with sesame seeds  and have custard-like fillings in them – yum!

What’s more, the filling comes in a variety of flavors too – how cool is that? For purposes of this blog, I just chose the ube (purple yam) and pandan variants since I figured their colors would register well in photos – hahaha! 😆

See what I mean? 😉

And for those wanting to know why tikoy plays such an important part in Chinese New Year, read what I found out from Yahoo! Answers below.

Tikoy is a sweet sticky rice cake delicacy also known as nian gao in Chinese. It is a Chinese symbol of prosperity and family unity. It symbolizes the hope that a family would stick together and all be blessed for the New Year.

And may these (virtual) tikoy rolls bring all our families luck and blessings always! Happy LaPiS Sunday to all!