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Mr Cool

If you were to ask hubby the best way to beat the heat and humidity in Manila, his surefire “prescription” (at least to us who know him well) would be…

Take at least one of these (be it Quickly, Zagu, Ice Monster… name it, he’s had it!) :mrgreen: per day (now you know why it’s just so hard to lose weight!) to chase the uncomfortable heat (and stickiness too…eeewwww!!!!) away!

The photo above is actually two glasses of the all-too-familiar pink Pinoy “samalamig” I remember being  sold by street vendors with rolling wooden carts  when I was a kid staying at my grandparents’  house over the summer.  Back then, this was usually ladled into glasses from plastic jars with red lids… I never actually knew what it was called and how it tasted till fairly recently when – you guessed it – hubby was “enticed” to purchase some for a (ahem) “taste test”.

Except that these particular ones actually came from a food stall – in a mall! What can I say? “Ice scramble” has come a long way indeed! 😀

And as for hubby, all I can say is that he’s definitely…

PS Excuse the poor picture quality as I took these photos from my phone cam only.