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Potato-Corn-Tuna Patties

The kids being back to school only means that I have to likewise “activate” my “lunch lady duties”.

Knowing that their school specifically requires requests that they bring only healthy packed lunches (translation:  no chips and sugary treats, no eggs nor nuts too (in deference to those kids with food allergies)) has certainly put both my creativity and cooking skills (?) to the test more often than not.

Thank goodness that co-mommy Carrie (aka wonder twin of my fave sis-in-law – on my side of the fam 😉 ) suggested that I try this recipe she googled from one of the more popular and kid-friendly foodie sites in this part of the world.

The result?  

Definitely another winner! :mrgreen:  Also, since  it brings together the three ingredients our kids love (mashed potatoes, sweet corn and tuna flakes), this dish undoubtedly has my “mommy-stamp-of-approval”. 😀

And if, like me, you have a little girl whose portion sizes are a bit smaller than our two other growing tweens, making the patties into potato balls – and paired with the usual “fruit component” (in this case, sweet seedless watermelon wedges – yum!) – should still hit the spot.


Hoping to share more lunchbox ideas soon. 🙂

Kiddie Kung Hei Fat Choi Lunch

It’s the week of the Chinese New Year and what better way to recognize this than by spreading some “Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) lovin’ ” in our kiddos’ lunch boxes.  By lineage, they are still quarter-Chinese after all, right? 😉

Never mind that they neither speak nor understand the language… they still undeniably look the part – and for me, that’s enough reason to celebrate – hahaha!

Those steamed pork buns (siopao) – store-bought until I have the “courage” to make them from scratch – and homemade fried spring rolls (lumpiang Shanghai) surely hit the spot for our three gremlins… no leftovers! Yipee! :mrgreen:

And here they are up-close…

Of course, there had to be the fresh fruit component to the meal – thus the clementine and green seedless grapes for their snack (or “mental munchies” as their school refers to them).

Hope to post more lunch box “inspirations” in the coming days.

Stay tuned!

Starting the Day Silly

Although breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, most days it’s usually a “rush-rush affair” for our family.

So whenever I can, like this past weekend, I try and spice things a bit for breakfast (brunch, actually… since we slept in the night before 😳 ).   After all, it isn’t everyday that I get “inspired” to whip up a simple yet silly spread like this…

Join us…


…for a silly pancake breakfast!

And here are photos of the “silly pancakes” I especially made for our three gremlins up close…  Sadly for the pancakes, though, it was essentially a “meet and eat” encounter! 😆


How did I do it? Fairly simple.  I sandwiched scrambled eggs in between two pancakes and proceeded to make the “face”.  I used sliced bananas for the eyes, blueberries for eyeballs, hotdog tips for noses and cooked bacon for the mouth.  I then styled the “hair” with pancake syrup.  Pretty cool, huh? 😉

At the end of the day, we all agreed: it was definitely a “happy meal” for all of us! Me for being able to put a smile to my kids’ faces (and “hearty burps” from hubby too!) and my three gremlins for having something silly – that was edible too  – for breakfast. 🙂


So how did you start your day today?